Barker Storeroom

The Barker Storeroom is a self-service facility open to anyone on the UC Berkeley Campus.

How it works:

Everything you charge in the storeroom, whether it's an off-the-shelf purchase or a special order, is charged to a storeroom account.

This account is tied to a chartstring in the Berkeley Financial System. Purchases made in the storeroom are accumulated over the course of the month, and at the end of the month are charged to the chartstring attached to the account.

New Users for Existing Accounts:

We in the storeroom ask that all new users of existing storeroom accounts check in with a Storeroom clerk or come with a labmate to avoid confusion.

New Storeroom Accounts:

If you have a chartstring of your own and would like to set up a new account, please fill out an account application. You'll need someone in your own department to approve this chartstring for use in the storeroom.

Accounts that are set up in the Barker Storeroom also work in the LSA Storeroom, and vice versa.

What it costs:

We are a self-supporting facility, and our markup is 20%.

We pay UC contract pricing or better on everything that we buy, and we pay no shipping. This means that our prices are often significantly better than UC prices through vendors who would ordinarily charge you for freight. Notably, Invitrogen, Qiagen, and Sigma-Aldrich fall into this category.

If you would like to know the price of an item, please don't hesitate to ask.

What we carry:


The storeroom was originally designed to provide scientific supplies and reagents to laboratories in the Molecular & Cell Biology, Plant & Microbial Biology, and Environmental Sciences departments. Since then, we've added lots of general use items that those labs, and other labs, require.

We select our stock based on our own special order history, and on requests from our customers. If you would like us to carry something, please let us know.

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