Cytotoxic cells, including natural killer (NK) cells and cytotoxic T cells, recognize and kill infected and transformed cells. Our laboratory investigates mechanisms of recognition of cancer cells and infected cells by natural killer cells and T cells. Furthermore we investigate mechanisms by which tumors and infectious agents naturally activate or inhibit productive responses by cytotoxic cells, or desensitize the cells by inducing anergy. Our aim is to harness these findings to improve existing immunotherapies for cancer and design new ones. We have employed our understanding of NK recognition, activation and inhibition to establish therapy combinations that super-activate NK cells, while at the same time preventing desensitization and inhibition of the cells.  These combinations show promise as new therapies for cancers that are refractory to existing immunotherapies.

Self Tolerance of Natural Killer Cells
Nat Rev Immunol, 2006



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Congrats to Natalie Wolf for receiving the NSF Predoctoral Fellowship!

Congrats to Chris Nicolai for receiving the NIH Predoctoral Fellowship!

Congrats to Rutger Luteijn for receiving the Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship!


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