Affiliated Research Centers

Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Research Initiative

Dr Raulet is the Faculty Director of the Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Research Initiative (IVRI), a center for basic and early applied research in immunology, microbial pathogenesis, and vaccinology with the potential to profoundly impact the treatment of human disease. The initiative is founded on the principle that mechanistic research investigating the role of the immune system in infectious disease yields new approaches for treating cancer, and conversely, that studies of cancer immunology yield approaches for vaccines and therapies targeting infectious disease

The University of California, Berkeley has an impressive record in this endeavor including advances that have led to cancer immunotherapeutics and novel vaccines. The IVRI will expand on and accelerate these advances by concentrating and coordinating the efforts of UC Berkeley researchers, their collaborators, and sponsors towards ground-breaking discoveries, and the development of new applications in disease prophylaxis and treatment. The initiative will facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers, streamline access to scientific and financial resources, and promote not only the vision, ideas, accomplishments of its scientists, but also the application and translation of these ideas and findings for the development of new therapies for human diseases. By targeting synergies in the expertise and capabilities of its scientists, and unifying their ingenuity with the objectives of its sponsors, the IVRI seeks to maximize the potential of its UCB researchers and accelerate the pace of discovery and translation.

Cancer Research Laboratory

The missions of the CRL are to enhance communication among members of the cancer/biomedical research community, to provide training in cancer research, and to provide Berkeley researchers with access to methods and technologies, which are either too expensive or too specialized to be acquired by the laboratories of individual faculty. Over the years, CRL has proved again and again its vital role in faculty recruitment and retention, not only in the area of cancer research but also in other fields. Recently, the CRL has also played a significant role in attracting large multi-project grants like the Host-Pathogen NIH PO1 grant, a large stem cell equipment grant from California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, and the NIH pre-doctoral/post-doctoral training grant.

Berkeley Stem Cell Center

The Berkeley Stem Cell Center brings together investigators at UC Berkeley, Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in a collaborative, creative, multidisciplinary research environment. The Center's mission is to carry out the highest quality basic and translational stem cell research toward development of novel therapies for human disease.

Center for Host-Pathogen Studies

This program studies the interplay between pathogens and the immune system using mouse and several intracellular pathogens as model experimental systems. The experimental approaches take advantage of 2-photon imaging to track pathogens and immune cells within tissues in real-time, and transgenic/knockout mice to explore the role of specific molecules and cells in immune responses. The investigators in this proposal are an interactive group of immunologists/microbiologists, who are actively investigating host-pathogen interactions.