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About Us

The purpose of the MCB Graduate Student and Alumni Association (MCBGSAA) is to foster mutually beneficial relationships between current graduate students, alumni, and the Molecular & Cell Biology department.  The MCBGSAA organizes networking events for students and alumni in order to promote career exploration and professional development, and also alumni to reconnect with former colleagues and learn more about the department’s current research initiatives.  The MCBGSAA strives to keep its members informed about graduate program news through the department website, newsletters, and the LinkedIn group.  

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Student Leadership:

Oliver's photo

Oliver Davis, Co-President

2014 Entering Class

Zoncu Lab

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Justin Zhang, Co-President

2015 Entering Class

Zoncu Lab

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Shion Lim, Co-Career Explorations Officer

2012 Entering Class

Marqusee Lab

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Ashley Thelen, Communications Officer

2014 Entering Class

Zoncu Lab

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Rebecca Bartke, Social Media Officer

2016 Entering Class

Hockemeyer Lab

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Emily Lingeman

2014 Entering Class


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Christopher Hoel, Alumni Relations Officer & Seminar Officer

2016 Entering Class

Brohawn Lab

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Rebecca Lamothe, Co-Career Explorations Officer

2013 Entering Class

Koshland Lab



Alumni Leadership:

Thomas Burke and Christina Glazier, Alumni Liasons

If you are an alum looking to get involved in leadership with the MCB Graduate Student and Alumni Association, please email us. 


Department Leadership:

Matt Welch, MCB Professor and Alumnus 

Sarah Hamilton, Student Services Advisor, Graduate Affairs Office 


You can reach us at To contact the Graduate Affairs Office, please email