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IGI Testing Consortium. (2020) Blueprint for a Pop- Up SARS-CoV-2 Testing Lab. Nat Biotechnol. 38(7):791-797. 







Figure 1Lorbeer F., Hockemeyer D. (2020) TERT Promoter Mutations and Telomeres During Tumorigenesis. Curr Opin Genet Dev. 60:56-62. 





Mudd A., Bredeson JV., Baum R., Hockemeyer D., Rokhsar D. (2020) Analysis of Muntjac Deer Genome and Chromatin Architecture Reveals Rapid Karyotype  Evolution. Commun Biol. 3(1):480.






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Milos S. Simic, Erica A. Moehle, Robert T. Schinzel, Franziska K. Lorbeer,  Jonathan J. Halloran, Kartoosh Heydari, Melissa Sanchez, Damien Jullié, Dirk Hockemeyer, Andrew Dillin (2019) Transient activation of the UPRER is an essential step in the acquisition of pluripotency during reprogramming. Sci Adv. 5(4) 










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