My laboratory studies higher order chromosome structure, genome integrity and most recently desiccation tolerance in the model eukaryote, budding yeast.

  • Higher Order Chromosome Structure is important for the integrity, transmission and expression of chromosomes. The molecular basis for the formation, maintenance and disassembly of higher order chromosome organization are major unsolved problems in cell biology.

  • The Maintenance of Genome Integrity (chromosome number and integrity) is critical to prevent cell inviability, inherited disorders and disease. A major threat to genome integrity is breaks in the DNA that can be misrepaired to cause gross chromosomal rearrangements (GCR) such as translocations, internal deletions or terminal truncations. While the cause of DSBs and their repair have been studied intensively, major new discoveries will be required to explain the massive rearrangement of chromosomes associated with cancer.

  • Desiccation Tolerance is a remarkable trait found in rare species in all kingdoms of life. Desiccation tolerance has significant biomedical potential and will likely provide novel insights into the role of different cell biological processes in water homeostasis. While the molecular basis of desiccation tolerance has been correlated with many factors and processes, few of them have been shown to have a causative role in tolerance and for even those their molecular function remains unknown.