Kathya's Going Away Party! (May 2023)

(congrats Kathya!!)



Michael's going away party ! (September 2022)

(congratulations Michael!!)





An in person graduation cermony! (August 2021) 

(congrats to Derek and Kristi!!)





A socially distant graduation cermony (May 2020) 

(congrats to Alexandra, Lydia, Jasper!!)

Congrats to Alexandra, Lydia, and Jasper!



Zoom Lab meetings

zoom lab meetings




 Tri-Lab Halloween Party 2019

Halloween 2020


Immunology Retreat Asilomar 2019

Immunology retreat 2019




Congrats to Dr. Nadia Kurd!  

Nadia Graduation



The Robey Lab

(circa 2018)

November 2016

(Photos Courtesy of Allison Zhong Photography)

Spring 2015 

(Photos Courtesy of



Congratulations to our graduate, Jenny Ross!   

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May 2013



Robey and Winoto Lab Meeting & Picnic

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 October 2012

(Photos Courtesy of Jenny Ross)



UC Berkeley/UCSF Asilomar Immunology Retreat

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       III    SAJD    ASH

September 2012

(Photos Courtesy of Jenny Ross) 



Goodbye Lunch for Our Undergrads- Bonnie, Leeanne, & Hopkins

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May 2012

(Photos Courtesy of Kayleigh Taylor) 



Farewell Party for YingFang

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     August 2011

(Photos Courtesy of Jenny Ross) 



Robey & Winoto Lab BBQ


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April 2011

(Photos Courtesy of Jenny Ross) 



Leaving Party for Tanya

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April 2009 



                           Burns Night                     b    b2

 January 2009



   Asilomar Retreat

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October 2008