Current Lab Members


    Ellen Robey    
     Ellen Robey
Professor of Immunology

 Shiao Wei Chan
Research Associate 
Lab Manager

Research Interests: T cell response during infection

"My favorite food? I don't have one. I'll eat anything."


Oliver Guevarra
Staff Research Associate 

"My ultimate goal would be to matriculate on to medical school & improve healthcare services for vulnerable populations. My other goal is to be on Food Network."


Silvia Ariotti
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Linking TCR signaling strength and T cell lineage fate decision; agonist development; modulation of the thymic Treg niche

"A fun fact would be that I only cut my hair when the new moon is in Leo"

Ashley Hoover
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Chemokine directed T cell development and transplant tolerance

"My dream vacation would be hunting for the extinct Thylacine in Tasmania."

Mariela Moreno Ayala
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Developing novel immunotherapies for cancer and understanding mechanisms of action or the signaling pathways regulating the immune response

"My hidden talent would be making meat empanadas!"


Nadia Kurd
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Investigating the role of phagocytes in negative selection, factors that influence autoreactive thymocyte fate and the development CD8aa intraepithelial lymphocytes 

"I'm really good at expertly hiding potatoes in food; also slicing thymuses."

Lydia Lutes
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Investigating the positive selection of T cells with different degrees of self-reactivity

"Finding hidden potatoes in food is a talent of mine."

Alexandra Tsitsiklis
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Investigating the role of an unusual MHC molecule in generating a strong and protective T cell response to T. gondii infection

"My dream vacation is anywhere with a beach and good food."


Derek Bangs
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Understanding the maintenance of a highly protective and persistent T cell response during chronic T. gondii infection.

"Mexican food is my favorite, specifically tamales and chile relleno."


Michael Manoharan Valerio
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Development of nonconventional T cells

"I dip peanut butter pretzels in hummus."


Jenny Yoon
Undergraduate Student

Molecular & Cell Biology- Immunology
Class of 2018

Career Goals: Graduate School or Medical School


Nidhi Navaratna
Undergraduate Student

Molecular & Cell Biology
Class of 2019

Career Goals: Research and/or Medical School 


 Vy Le
Lab Assistant

Cognitive Science
Class of 2017

Career Goal: Become a Physician Assistant

Austin Situ
Lab Assistant

Nutritional Sciences- Molecular Toxicology
Class of 2018

Career Goal: Pre-Health

Charles Lam
Lab Assistant

Molecular & Cell Biology
Class of 2018

Career Goal: Work in the field of biotechnology