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Campus Resources

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Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS)
CPS Groups for students
Wellness at Berkeley
Urgent issues

Emotional Well-being and Mental Health


Taking care of our emotional well-being is key to maintaining our overall health. Emotional well-being isn’t the absence of our emotions; it’s an awareness of our feelings and how to positively and productively use them in our lives. There are many different emotional challenges that can get in the way of our work and success as graduate students. However, Cal offers lots different resources to help graduate students conquer the negative aspects of life that can wear us down.  

Mental Health Online Screening
How to avoid burnout
Tips for surviving Grad School
Paying Graduate School's Mental Toll
Mental Health: Under a Cloud

Relaxation Acupuncture
 - Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College
 - Berkeley Acupuncture
 - Greater Good Science Center
 - Online Meditation & Courses
 - Bay Area Young Adults Sangha
 - Free Online Guided Meditation
 - REST zone at RSF
Personal Support

UC Berkeley has centers for Educational Justice and Community Engagement for students of a variety of backgrounds, including African American students, Native American students, Asian and Pacific American students, Chicanx and Latinx students, a Gender Equity Resource center and a Multicultural Community Center. 

International Students
- The I-house (International House), located on the north side of campus, is a residence hall as well as a program center that focuses on promoting cultural diversity. Their mission statement is, “to promote cross-cultural experiences and leadership skills for a world of greater understanding.” 

 - oSTEM -- out in STEM is a national society dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBTQA communities in STEM
 - The Cal Queer Grads association serves the LGBT graduate student population at Berkeley.
 - Queer at Berkeley is a list of student organizations aimed toward supporting queer students

Minorities in Science
 - SACNAS -- Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science at Berkeley is a group of both undergraduate and graduate students on campus that is designed to foster the growth of Hispanic/Chicano and Native Americans in STEM fields. 
 - LAGSES -- Latino/a Association of Graduate Students in Engineering and Sciences at UC Berkeley is a graduate student group on campus that supports Latino/a graduate students entering and graduating from our science and engineering programs

Career Development

MCB295 is a class that happens every spring-- organized by current students, it showcases alumni who have careers outside of academia. Each week, two or three alumni come to present about their current positions and how they got there. Also, there's pizza and bxxr.
Career Center -- resources for UC Berkeley affiliates of all levels
What can I do with a degree in MCB?
Academic and non-academic job listings
Interested in teaching and mentorship? Earn a teaching certificate from your time here at Berkeley

Berkeley Graduate and Postdoc Career Development - a program launched in Fall 2018 with the goal of strengthening professional development support for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. This endeavor is supported by QB3 and run by Rosanne Lurie (

Legal Support

 If you need legal advice of any sort, UC Berkeley provides free legal counsel for Cal students. You can make an appointment to speak to a lawyer regarding many different legal issues including rental problems, citations for misdemeanors, and car accident/insurance issues (as long the legal issue does not involve another UC Berkeley student). Visit the site below for more information and to make an appointment.

Student Legal Services

Physical and Social Well-being 

Berkeley Rec Sports has many classes that are free or very cheap for students
Intramural (IM) sports -- find some friends and make a team to play soccer, basketball, football, frisbee and more!
Summer MCB softball league -- not organized enough to have a website, this softball league is chill and usually has a keg at every game. Ask your labmates for details!
Follies -- Theres no bonding like making a Folly


 Filing taxes as a graduate student can be confusing and overly complicated. Here are some resources that should help streamline the process.

Employment and W-2 information

If you are a GSI, GSR, or reader, “At Your Service Online” is a UC service that compiles employment information and requires a separate login from you calnet ID. This is most useful for downloading your W-2 forms, viewing your earnings statements, and updating your tax status:

1098-T tuition form

If you receive a stipend, fee remission, or tuition payments from fellowships or training grants, you will need to download a 1098-T form from this website.

 Funding for travel

Going to a conference?

MCB provides $350 travel grants to grad students traveling to and presenting at a conference within the USA and the Graduate Division provides grants up to $1500 for students traveling to and presenting at a conference either in the US or abroad.

Longer-term travel for research purposes can be funded through these means

UCB also has a good list of funding opportunities for various other occasions