Current Lab Members


    Ellen Robey    

 Ellen Robey
Professor of Immunology

"I love critters, especially dogs and insects"

    Kathya Arana  

 Shiao Wei Chan
Research Associate 
Lab Manager

Research Interests: T cell response during infection

"My favorite food? I don't have one. I'll eat anything."


Kathya Arana
Staff Research Associate 

"Fun Fact TBA"

    Laura McIntyre, postdoc    


Laura McIntyre
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests:T cell lineage fate decision

"My kyber crystal is blue"


  Michael Manoharan  

Derek Bangs
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Understanding the maintenance of a highly protective and persistent T cell response during chronic T. gondii infection.

"Ace imager, but color blind."

Lydia Lutes
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Investigating the positive selection of T cells with different degrees of self-reactivity

"Finding hidden potatoes in food is a talent of mine."

Michael Manoharan Valerio
Graduate Student

Research Interests: Development of nonconventional T cells

"I dip peanut butter pretzels in hummus."





     Shraddah Pandey    


 Shraddha Pandey

Undergraduate Researcher

Molecular & Cell Biology
Class of 2020

Career Goals:  Medical School 

"I love to sing, and my proudest muscial achievement is making it onto Spotify"



 Vy Le
Former Lab Assistant

Cognitive Science
Class of 2017

Career Goal: Become a Physician Assistant

Austin Situ
Former Lab Assistant

Nutritional Sciences- Molecular Toxicology
Class of 2018

Career Goal: Pre-Health

Charles Lam
Former Lab Assistant

Molecular & Cell Biology
Class of 2018

Career Goal: Work in the field of biotechnology