Selected Publications


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D. E. Presti. (2016). Foundational Concepts in Neuroscience: A Brain-Mind Odyssey.  New York, NY: W.W. Norton.

Articles, Essays, and Chapters:

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D. E. Presti. (2019). Putting mind back into nature: A tribute to Henry P. Stapp. (A contribution to a collection of essays honoring Henry P. Stapp on the occasion of his 90th birthday in Spring 2018). > quantitative biology: 1904.10528. [LINK]  Published in final form: Activitas Nervosa Superior, 61, 18-23. [PDF]

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Several Oldies but Goodies:

J. M. Barrie & D. E. Presti. (2000). Digital plagiarism: The web giveth and the web shall taketh. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 2(1), e6.

J. M. Barrie & D. E. Presti. (1996). The worldwide web as an instructional tool. Science, 274, 371-372. [PDF]

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D. Presti & R. West. (1992). Introduction to Laughing Gas: Nitrous Oxide (edited by M. Shedlin, D. Wallechinsky, & S. Salyer). Berkeley, CA: Ronin Press. [PDF]

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Other of Interest:

Interview in Berkeley Scientific Journal, 23(2), 44-48 (2019): Bridging science and Buddhism: Toward an expanded understanding of mind. [PDF]