Current Office Hours

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, I will not be holding in-person office hours until further notice.

Office hours for my classes, now online, are announced within the classes.

MCB Neurobiology advising: For major declaration, after meeting with an advisor from the MCB Undergraduate Advising Office and receiving your Major Declaration Form, contact me about an appointment to meet during one of my online advising office hours periods, 11-12 on Wednesdays.

As we continue to negotiate this crisis, remember to practice self-care: eat well (good nutrition); sleep well (8 hours); move around every day, hopefully with time outside; remain connected with family and friends in ways that are safe and appropriate; and take time to sit quietly and attend to your breath, allowing your breath to deepen and slow, a good thing to do for your body and your mind.

What might we take away as messges from this turbulent era? As a planet we are highly interconnected, and as a species we are deeply interdependent. May we remember to remember this, and continue to expand and deepen our work together to support one another, our systems of public health, our institutions of true democracy, and the other components of infrastructure so contributory to a healthy and thriving society.

I look forward to meeting again in person when we are able, and in the meantime wish you health and continued flourishing!