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Professor Jack F. Kirsch


Curriculum Vitae


B.S., Physics, University of Michigan,1956
Ph.D., Biochemistry and Cytology, The RockefellerInstitute, 1961.


Brandeis University, 1961-63
Weizmann Institute, Rehovot, Israel,1963-64

Current Positions:

Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Universityof California, Berkeley


Jane Coffin Childs Fellow, 1961-63
Helen Hay Whitney Fellow, 1963-64
John Simon Guggenheim Fellow, 1971-72
Merck Frosst Lecturer-Concordia University, Montreal, 1996
DuPont Lecturer-Indiana University, 1997
Aspirin Prize Lecturer-Institut Quimic di Sarria, Barcelona Spain, 1999
Rosetta B. Barton Lecturer-University of Oklahoma, 2001
Doctor of Philosophy-Honoris causa, Uppsala University, Sweden, 2001
B6 and PQQ Lecturer, University of Missouri, Kansas City, 2001
Frontiers of Science Lecturer, Wayne State University-2003
Nathan O. Kaplan Lecturer, Brandeis University-2004
Plenary Lecturer - Reaction Mechanisms VII-Dublin Ireland -2004

Professional Service:

National Institutes of Health, ad hoc Study Sections, 1982, 1992
Reserve Reviewer Board, 1992-1996
Physical Biochemistry Study Section, 1996-Present
National Science Foundation, Biochemistry Advisory Panel, 1985-89
Gordon Conference on Enzymes, Coenzymes, and Metabolic Pathways, Co-Chair,1988
Bay Area Enzyme Group, Cofounder, 1975; Chair, 1975, 1982, 1989, 1993
Member of the International Advisory Board for the 8th and 9th InternationalSymposia on Vitamin B6 and Carbonyl Catalysis. Osaka, Japan,1990 and Capri, Italy, 1994 American Chemical Society -- Biochemistry Division,Treasurer (elected), 1990-1993
National Research Council, Howard Hughes Graduate Fellowship Council, 1991,1993, 1994
Secretary and Treasurer--Organizing Committee Xth International Symposiumon Chemistry and Biology of Vitamin B6 and Quinoproteins 1998
Chair, American Chemical Society, Biochemistry Division, 1996-1998
Member U.S. National Committee/International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 1996-., Vice Chair, 2000-2003, Chair , 2003-
Chair of U.S. Delegation to the 18th International Congress and General Assembly of the IUBMB in Birmingham, U.K. 2000, and Montreal 2003

Editorial Boards:

Journal of Biological Chemistry, 1975-81
Biochimie, 1989-Present
Protein Science, 1997-2002
Proteins - Structure, Function and Genetics, 1991-Present

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