Second-Year Events

For the second-years, we host a panel that covers the qualifying exam process. MCB students take their qualifying exams March-May of their second year. Coffee and cookies are provided. The panel typically lasts 1-1.5 hours.

General topics covered during the "Quals Panel":

  • General formate of oral qualifying exam
  • Timeline of preceding written proposal
  • Logistics of talking to your committee ahead of time, getting as much scientific feedback as you can
  • Best practices of study group preparations
  • Best practices for solo study and writing
  • Getting over needing to be in lab
  • Practice, practice, (and probably practice again)
  • Who to invite to your practice quals
  • How to use your white/chalk board
  • Preparing yourself for pressure and stress during the exam
  • How to respond to questions during the exam
  • Maintaining mental and physical health, relationships, and more during quals season