Fifth-Year+ Events

In the fall, 5th year and beyond students are invited to a panel discussion about the intricacies and realities of writing your thesis and leaving. For this panel, the MGN invites recent MCB graduates who have just gone through the process of writing and filing their theses.

General topics covered during "Writing Your Thesis" panel:

  • Thesis-writing logistics: guidelines and requirements, length, time to write, sending drafts to your committee
  • Incorporating papers you have published into your thesis
  • Deciding how to split up your chapters
  • How to write each section of the thesis
  • How to decide with your PI when your thesis is ready for your committee
  • Navigating setting an exit date with your PI
  • Staying in touch with classmates as you potentially leave the area
  • How to make friends at your new job/postdoc
  • Maintaining self-care as you leave graduate school