MGN Mentorship Program

In the MCB grad program, every student’s experience is unique.  We aim to provide personal guidance to first-year students for individual decision-making during this critical time. After matching you with an older MCB graduate student mentor, we will meet once a month for a short update, then break out into mentorship groups where you will be able to discuss personal achievements, goals and decisions.

Mentor-mentee matching: Fill out an online questionnaire as a mentor or mentee about your scientific interests, hobbies and life experiences. We will match you to fitting mentors with similar experiences. Each mentorship group will consist of one first-year with about two upper-year students. 

Meetings: We will meet on a Wednesday of every month in 177 LSA at 4 pm. Each meeting will begin with a brief update of mentorship events and suggested talking points, then evolve into small-group discussions. You are, of course, encouraged to chat with your mentor outside of scheduled meetings. If any member of the group cannot attend, they may schedule a meeting on their own.

Contact our Mentorship Program leader, Amy Strom (amystrom at berkeley dot edu), for more information or to join the program.

177 LSA at 4:10 pm

September 20: October 25:  November 15:  December 13:
  • Choosing the right lab FOR YOU
  • How labs change over a 5-year period and how to take that into account when choosing rotations
  • How to make the best of your rotations (Productivity, gaining new skills, planning ahead)
  • Balancing lab, class and life


  • Lab and personal funding
  • Applying for fellowships and grants
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Balancing your vs. your PI's interests
  • Imposter Syndrome





  • Designing a thesis project
  • How do collaborations work?
  • Attending conferences
  • Teaching and outreach







  • Classes beyond 200A/B
  • Presentations
  • How to make figures, posters, slides in Illustrator, python, MATLAB
  • Careers in and out of academia
  • Networking events, internships, MCB295 (spring semester!)