Lecture Topics REVISED 10/13

III. Professor Montgomery Slatkin

Cloning, libraries and sequencing REVISED AGAIN (II) 11/10
Human genome and Polymorphic markers REVISED AGAIN (IV) 11/12
Population genetic variation
       CA DNA Partial Match Policy
Genetic drift REVISED 12/02
Multigene families REVISED 12/02
Neutral evolution REVISED 12/09
Evolutionary rates
Primate and Human evolution

II. Professor Abby Dernburg

Introduction; The Physical Nature of Genetic Information
       Introduction lecture formatted for printing
       Week 1 Reading and Problems
Mendel's Laws
       Mendel's Law lecture formatted for printing
Sex determination, dosage compensation, aneuploidy
       Lecture formatted for printing
Where mutations come from (Ch. 7)
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Chapter 7 Reading and Problems
Linking genes to proteins, complementation tests (Ch. 7)
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Problem 26
        Problem 26 formatted for printing
Gene expression; how mutations affect gene function (Ch. 8)
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Chapter 8 Reading and Problems
Intro. to C. elegans, hermaphrodite genetics, and screens
       Lecture formatted for printing
       C. elegans Readings and Problems
       C. elegans Portrait
        Answer Key REVISED 10/18
Apoptosis in C. elegans, gene mapping, and pathway analysis
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Lecture 9 Problem
       Lecture 9 Answer Key
Genetic suppressors and enhancers I: informational suppressors
       Lecture formatted for printing
Suppressors and enhancers II: genetic pathways
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Suppressor Readings and Problems
       Suppressor Problems Answer Key
Discovery, mechanism, and application of RNAi
       Lecture formatted for printing
The cell cycle in yeast; temperature-sensitive mutations
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Chapter 19 Reading and Problems
Cancer genetics
       Lecture formatted for printing
       Putting Genes Into Pathways

I. Professor Sharon Amacher

(Tentative) Prof. Amacher Readings and Problems

Extensions to Mendel, Chi-Square Test Revised 9/5
Chromosomes and Inheritance
Pedigree Analysis
       Pedigree Diagrams
Linkage and Genetic Maps I
Linkage and Genetic Maps II
Tetrad Analysis I
Tetrad Analysis II, Gene Conversion
Chromosomal Rearrangements I
Chromosomal Rearrangements II
Changes in Chromosomal Number
Review of Amacher Lectures

Second Part of Class:
Organelle Genetics
Epigenetics: Imprinting
Developmental Genetics: Zebrafish as a model system REVISED 11/02
       Supplemental Reading 1
       Supplemental Reading 2
       Figure 1 (clearer)
       Lecture 14 Problems
       Solutions: Don't check answers until after you try the problems!
Reverse genetics in the mouse






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