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Almost every aspect of eukaryotic cellular life is regulated by ubiquitin, a small "ubiquitious" protein that can be appended onto other proteins. In the Rape Lab at UC Berkeley, we use a variety of biochemical, biophysical, and cellular techniques to understand ubiquitin and its role in regulating fundamental processes in development and disease. We are a part of the Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) department at UC Berkeley and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).

Lab News

05-07-2024 Congrats to Alfred for passing the Quals!

01-31-2024 Congrats to Diane, Michael, Andrew, Sam, for their new paper in Nature!

11-10-2023 We welcome visiting graduate student, Tobias Beschauner, to the lab!

08-01-2023 Congrats to Danielle for being awarded the LSRF Fellowship!

05-10-2023 We welcome new graduate student, Alfred Freeberg, to the lab!

11-10-2022 We welcome new Postdoctoral Fellow, Zhi Yang, to the lab!

09-06-2022 We welcome new Postdoctoral Fellow, Sam Witus, to the lab!

09-01-2022 We welcome new Postdoctoral Fellow, Michael Heider, to the lab!

05-24-2022 Congrats to Srividya and Rumi for passing the Quals!

04-06-2022 We welcome new Postdoctoral fellow, Josh Sheetz, to the lab!

01-15-2022 We welcome new Postdoctoral fellow, Danielle Garshott, to the lab!

09-28-2021 Congrats to Andrew, Elijah and their great team for their new paper on the structure of reductive stress signaling!

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