Extended Data for Published Papers

1. Point representation of a single whisker deflection in L2 of S1. This movie shows a simulation of spiking in L2 of 9 neighboring cortical columns in response to deflection of the whisker corresponding to the central column. Click the thumbnail to download the movie. Movie requires Quicktime.

This is the full simulation described in Clancy et al., Journal of Neuroscience, in press 2015, Fig. 6. Each frame represents spiking response to one deflection (50 deflections are simulated). Circles are cells, shaded to indicate Pr to the center-column whisker (white is low Pr, black is highest Pr). Cells outlined in green are those tuned to the center-column whisker. Each blue circle represents a spiking response (1 or more spikes) above spontaneous firing, with the size of circle corresponding to the cell’s Pr. Spontaneous spikes are not shown. The final frame shows mean Pr across all cells in each column to deflection of the center whisker. The spiking ensemble is sparse and distributed broadly across columns, more broadly than the tuning ensemble.

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