We provide a highly interactive, dynamic environment for neuroscience research. Research positions are often open for postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, and undergraduates. Research areas include cellular and circuit physiology (synaptic physiology, optogenetics, whole-cell recording in vitro and in vivo), systems neuroscience (sensory physiology, polytrode recording, 2-photon Ca imaging in vivo, computational analysis of ensemble activity), quantitative sensory behavior, and developmental neuroscience (development and plasticity of cortical circuits and sensory maps). We also study neural circuit dysfunction in autism using physiology and behavior in transgenic mouse models. Highly motivated postdocs and PhD students with physiology or imaging experience are encouraged to apply. Applications for postdoctoral positions should include a CV and names of two references.

Undergraduates who are interested in neurophysiology, animal behavior, or microscopy may apply for research internships or assistantships. In these positions, students assist PhD students and postdocs in ongoing research. A commitment of 2 semesters is required. Independent research is available for successful students.

For more information, email Dan Feldman at dfeldman at berkeley . edu.

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