Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to participate in the full ten weeks of the program? Yes, the program is organized so that each week builds on the week before. The first week lays the foundation for the rest of the program through a daily series of seminars on the basic biological concepts necessary for the research projects, and there is a mini-symposium at the end of the program in which students practice presenting their work to others. Thus, if you cannot plan to be here for the entire ten weeks, you are not eligible for this program.
Can I participate in this program if I am not a U.S. citizen/permanent resident? Unfortunately, not. Under current NSF guidelines, only students who are citizens or permanent residents (green card holders) are eligible for this NSF REU program.
When do I have to submit proof of health insurance? You only have to have proof of enrollment in a health plan if you are accepted, and then only when you arrive in Berkeley.
Where will I be living if I am accepted to the Program? We arrange for rooms in our Martinez Commons on Campus. The specific information about summer 2021 is not yet online, but this URL will tell you about being a resident. Note that bedding and towels are included with the room, plus 19 meals a week.
May I apply to this program if I have had extensive lab experience? Yes, but an important goal of this REU is to provide opportunities for students (especially those from groups under-represented in the US bioscience workforce) at colleges without the ready access to research opportunities provided by places such as Berkeley and other large research universities.
Will I be able to take classes while I am participating in the REU Program? For administrative purposes, students will be enrolled in a UCB undergraduate research class (MCB 199). The Berkeley REU is a full time commitment, so it will not be possible to enroll in any other classes at UCB, or to take MCAT or GRE preparation courses, during the REU.
Will I be considered for the program if my letters of recommendation and/or transcript arrive after the deadline? So long as you have submitted your application before 5 pm on the application deadline date, it's OK if your letters of recommendation and/or transcript arrive a few days later.
I am a Berkeley student and am very interested in this program. May I be considered for this program? Yes, you may apply if you meet the other criteria. But please be aware that this REU program is mainly designed to provide research opportunities for students at schools without the ready access to resources that are available to Berkeley students, so most of the slots will be for students from other schools.
When will I hear if I am admitted? We appreciate the time and effort required to complete the application process, and know that students have many decisions to make concerning their summer plans. We are committed to completing the evaluation process as soon as possible and hope to be contacting you about the outcome of your application by February 26, 2021. Please be aware that due to the large number of applications and the small number of positions, many highly qualified applicants must be turned down. This should in no way discourage you from applying to graduate school in biosciences at UCB.
Where can I ask about things not covered in this FAQ? Email any other questions or concerns to reuapplic@lists.berkeley.edu.