3/21/14: Congratulations to Craig and Andrew for their paper accepted in Genetics

1/28/14: Welcome to our new URAP student Kari

9/15/13: Welcome to our new URAP student Joan

5/15/13: Congratulations to Rachel and Nick for obtaining SURF and Summer URAP research fellowhips

5/6/13: Welcome to our new graduate student James

4/17/13: We've moved! Come visit us in our new 555 LSA lab space

12/3/12: Welcome to our new rotation students, Aimee and Amy

10/1/12: Welcome to our new rotation students, Alli and James

Congratulations to our awardees from the Stickleback Conference:
Nick-Best Grad Student Poster
Priscilla-Runner up for Best Grad Student Poster
Andrew-Runner up for Best Grad Student Talk

Research Overview

We study how pattern forms during development and changes during evolution. We focus on the vertebrate head skeleton, using a genetic approach in the threespine stickleback fish, a species complex that has repeatedly evolved head skeletal adaptations. We seek to understand the genetic basis of craniofacial and dental pattern and how alterations to these genes result in evolved differences in morphology.

Contact Info

Lab Address

We are located at 555 LSA
Lab Phone: (510) 642-7881
Office Phone: (510) 642-7840

Mailing Address

Dr. Craig Miller
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Molecular & Cell Biology
142 Life Sciences Addition # 3200
Berkeley, CA 94720-3200

FedEx Address

163 LSA, Attn: Miller Lab Rm 555