Miller Lab June 2014

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Dr. Craig Miller

Dr. Craig Miller



Graduate Students

Priscilla Erickson

Priscilla Erickson

Priscilla became interested in evo-devo after studying abroad in Ecuador for a semester. In the Miller lab, she is exploring the genetic and developmental basis of stickleback bone length variation and the cis-regulatory evolution of skeletal genes.

Nick Ellis

Nicholas Ellis

Nick is interested in the developmental mechanisms that underlie morpholgical variation. He is currently exploring the developmental genetic basis of evolved tooth gain and the role of tooth replacement.

James Hart

James Hart

James is interested in how evolution acts on gene regulatory networks to produce a change in morphology.
He is currently studying the genetic and phenotypic effects of changes in cis-regulation between stickleback populations.


Mark Stepaniak

Coming soon!



Christopher Martin

Christopher Martin

Chris is broadly interested in the ecology and evolution of adaptive radiation. As a Miller postdoc in the Miller lab (co-advised by Bree Rosenblum) he is studying the genetic basis of craniofacial morphology in Caribbean pupfishes through linkage mapping and integrating this with studies of fitness, behavior, population genetics, and morphological diversification in this system.


Research Associates




Siegen McKellar

Nathan Cramer

Aloukika Shah


Graduate Student Alumni

Andrew Glazer, Postdoc at Vanderbilt

Phil Cleves, Postdoc at Stanford, Pringle Lab


Research Associate Alumni

Patrick Sum Lee, Steinhart Aquarium, Cal Academy of Sciences

Kevin Schwalbach, medical school, UM-Twin Cities

Anthony Lee


Undergraduate Alumni

Joy Yang, PhD program in Computational and Systems Biology, MIT

Albert Luong, medical school, NYU

Nihar Patel, research coordinator, UCSF

Andrew Chang, PhD program in Developmental Biology, Stanford

Jessica Grindheim, PhD program in Cancer Biology at Penn

Brittany Bartolome, medical school, University of Nevada

Angela Lam, medical school, UCSF

Emily Killingbeck, PhD program in Genome Sciences, UW

Monica Jimenez, research assistant, UC-Davis

Alyson Cook, PhD program, Scripps Chemical and Biological Sciences

Sara Carsanaro

Rachel Agoglia, PhD program in Genetics, Stanford

Nick Donde, Research Associate at Anvil Biosciences

Kari Miller