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30g tryptone
15g yeast extract
15g NaCl (sodium chloride)

  1. bring H2O up to ~2700ml and stir
  2. adjust pH to 7.4 with NaOH (sodium hydroxide)
  3. bring H2O up to 3l; stir to mix
  4. pour into 1l bottles and autoclave 20minutes

L-BROTH Amp plates

  1. Make up solution as above
  2. after adjusting pH add 45g agar
  3. bring H2O to 3l
  4. autoclave 30 minutes
  5. cool to about 65oC and add 0.15g of ampicillin
  6. mix and pour plates

kanamycin sulfate
1ml 50mg/mL per Liter

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