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D. Nickloff (92) Anal. Biochem. 200:81-88
  1. Kinase oligos with PNK, [ ]f ~0.25ug/ ul
  2. Denature and anneal primers to template : 1X annealing buffer, 150ng template ( pmol), ~0.5ug (50pmol) @primer /20 ul final.
  3. 100oC -3'; then ice/5'. Spin down 10"
  4. To each tube add: 5 ul H2O, 3 ul 10X synthesis buffer, 0.5 ul T4 DNA Pol (~ 5unites) and 0.3ul T4 dna ligase (NEB) --37oC/3H
  5. 10 ml into 100ul muts E. coli such as BMH 71-18
  6. Grown liquid library & digest w/ selection enzyme (Helps to include an internal control to ensure full digestion) --> retransform to DH5alpha or TOP10
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