Part I. Cellular Function

Aug 27 Organizational Meeting:

Sept 1 Labor Day

Sept 3 Neural Systems, Electrical Properties of membranes. Movies

Sept 8 Neurons & Glia Movies

Sept 10 The Neural Membrane at Rest Movies

Sept 15, Action Potential Movies

Sept 15 Propagation Movies

Sept 17 Synaptic Transmission Movies

Sept 22 Review

Sept 24 Midterm

Sept 29 Discussion

Oct 1 Postsynaptic Events Movies

Oct 6 Chemical Senses Movies

Oct 27 Vestibular Systems Movies

Oct 29 The Somatic Sensory System Movies

Nov 3 Review of Sensory Systems

Nov 5 Midterm II

Part III. Motor Systems, and Memory

Nov 10 Wiring of the Brain Movies

Nov 12 Local Control of Movement Movies

Nov 17 Central Control of Movement No Movies

Nov 19 Invertebrates no reading Movies

Nov 24 No Class

Dec 1 Aplysia Memory Movies

Dec 3 Vertebrate Memory Movies

Dec 8 More about Memory

Dec 10 Review of Course Material for Final Movies

Final Exam:Friday, December 19, 8-11AM

Part II. Sensory Systems

Oct 8, 13 The Eye: retinal processing Movies

Oct 15, The Central Visual System Movies

Oct 20 CNS Structure

Oct 22 Auditory System Movies