Coral is interested in how chromosome architecture is regulated throughout the cell cycle and during development.

Xiao is interested in how neuron size impacts the structure and function of the vertebrate nervous system during development.

Clotilde did her PhD on cell size homeostasis in cultured animal cells. She is now investigating the consequences of ploidy on cell size and growth in Xenopus embryos.


Helena is interested in mechanisms of subcellular size and shape control.


Mina is a joint postdoc between the Heald and Bustamante labs working at the interface of in vitro cell biology and single-molecule biophysics.



Kelly is broadly interested in mechanisms of cell division and size control in amphibians, most recently using the small pipid Hymenochirus boettgeri.

Maiko studies mitosis and size scaling in Xenopus borealis using hybrid embryos and in vitro approaches.

Lupe is interested in the molecular basis of spindle morphology among different species and in human cancers.




Ambika Nadkrni (postdoc) - Postdoc, Stanford University

Stephanie Malinich (lab manager) - On-call biologist, Sequoia Ecological Consulting

Christopher Brownlee (postdoc) - Assistant Professor, Stony Brook University

Xiao Zhou (postdoc) - Scientific Programmer, Caribou Bioscience

Romain Gibeaux (postdoc) - CNRS researcher, Institute of Genetics and Development of Rennes

Rachael Acker (undergraduate) - Medical student, Harvard

Andy Lane (postdoc) - Computational Biologist, Mammoth Diagnostics

Lauren Slevin (postdoc) - Prenatal Genetic Counselor, Swedish Medical Center Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center, Seattle

Andrew Grenfell (graduate student), Instructor and Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota

Magdalena Strzelecka (postdoc) - Data Scientist, One Logic

Marina Ellefson Crowder (postdoc) - Assistant Teaching Professor, UC Davis

Sharon Guo (undergraduate) - Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara

Matt Good (postdoc) - Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Kara Helmke Rogers (graduate student) - Director, Freshman Research Initiative, UT Austin

Jeremy Wilbur (postdoc) - Protein and Cellular Biophysicist, Relay Therapeutics

Evan Whitehead (undergraduate) - Research Assistant, Google-X

Anne-Lore Schlaitz (postdoc) - Group Leader, University of Heidelberg

Stephen Bird (graduate student) - Field Applications Scientist, Thermo-Fisher

Esther Kieserman (postdoc) - Biological Sales Specialist, Nikon

Blake Riggs (postdoc) - Associate Professor, San Francisco State University

Daniel Levy (postdoc) - Associate Professor, University of Wyoming

David Halpin (postdoc) - Paramedic fireman, San Francisco

Jay Wang (undergraduate) - Opthamologist, Massachusets General Hospital

Kieren Patel (graduate student) - CEO, Opticent Health

Jonathan Soderholm (postdoc) - Associate Professor, Yonsei University

Rose Loughlin (graduate student) - Senior Director, Moderna

Benjamin Freedman (graduate student) - Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Petr Kalab (postdoc) - Associate Research Professor, Johns Hopkins

Eva Hannak (postdoc) - Patent Agent, Morrison & Foerster

Michael Blower (postdoc) - Associate Professor, Mass General Hospital/Harvard

Aaron Van Hooser (postdoc) - Director of Data Science, Korro Bio

Tom Maresca (graduate student) - Associate Professor, UMASS Amherst

Renée Deehan (graduate student) - VP of Computational Biology, QuartzBio

Sharat Gadde (graduate student) - High School Teacher, Miramonte High School

Priya Prakash Budde (graduate student) - Senior Foundation and Corporate Relations Officer, Whitehead Institute

Sadie Wignall (graduate student) - Associate Professor, Northwestern University

Ahna Skop (postdoc) - Professor, University of Wisconsin Madison





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