Welcome to
The Flannery Lab.

We focus on optimizing preclinical gene therapy and vision restoration with the therapeutic approach of using adeno-associated viruses to deliver gene replacements to models of inherited retinal degenerative diseases.


October 2020

Happy Birthday Antonia and Victoria!

The lab comes together for a social distance picnic to celebrate Antonia and Victoria’s birthday! Have a great day on your birthdays!! 

August 2020

Emilia receives her PhD!!!!!

Emilia completed her PhD in the Flannery lab within the Vision Science graduate program. Congratulations on your hard work Emilia!! (and during a pandemic!)

Summer 2020

Kate begins undergraduate research with us!

Kate is a senior in Chemical Biology and will be joining Victoria in her work in optogenetic vision restoration in mouse models of inherited retinal degenerations. 

May 2020

Victoria declares Flannery lab as her PhD lab!

Victoria comes from the Vision Science graduate program. Her background is in developmental and molecular biology, and she holds BA and MA degrees from Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT). Welcome, Victoria!

April 2020

New paper in JCI Insight!

Congratulations to lab alumni Leah, Tim, and Cécile for their new paper! Read  it here.