Lab Reports : : You will report most of your work in laboratory reports written in a format similar to that used in scientific journals. Details will be provided in separate Report Format handouts. Due dates are listed in the course schedule and summarized below. Late work will be penalized by 5% per day, including weekends. No credit will be given for work received after its answer key has been posted. If you are unable to meet a deadline because of circumstances beyond your control, such as job or grad school interviews, or illness, please submit a written request for an adjustment to the instructor before the due date of the assignment.

We will attempt to return graded assignments to you and post the answer keys within 1 1/2 weeks of the due date for each assignment. Any requests for grading adjustments must be submitted in writing within 1 week of the date the key is posted.

Although all of the experiments you do will be performed in groups of two or more, all written assignments are intended to be individual efforts. This is not to say that you should not communicate with anyone else about your assignments. We strongly encourage you to discuss procedures, data, results, interpretations, analysis, etc. amongst yourselves and with the teaching staff. We do, however, want the work that you hand in to be your own, based on the synthesis of your thoughts, questions and discussions concerning the experiment. Any duplicate work will be returned to both parties for rewriting, and a point penalty will be charged.

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Monday & Wednesday 1:00-5:30 PM
4054 VLSB
4 Units


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