Michael Rape's Lab


If you are interested in performing collaborative work at the intersection of discovery and translational biology, we are the right place for you! Our lab discovers and dissects essential pathways of human cell fate decisions. We aspire to turn our mechanistic understanding into innovative treatment options for neurodegenerative disease, centered on the therapeutic modality of induced protein degradation that was spearheaded by us. We are specifically interested in postdoctoral fellows interested in dissecting the role of quality control pathways responding to protein aggregation, aberrant protein complex formation, or defective redox regulation in preventing neurodegenerative disease.

A brief description of ongoing projects can be found here. A more complete list of papers from our lab can be found here.

Please reach out to us with a cover letter (i.e. what are you most interested in and how would joining our lab fit into your career plans?), your most important publication (i.e. it does, by no means, have to be in the ubiquitin area, yet it should be interesting and thorough), and at least two names of referees. The best way to reach us is via email at: mrape@berkeley.edu