Gary Firestone
Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology

Contact Info:
591 LSA
Berkeley, CA 94720
Firestone Lab:  Lab Members

Postdoctoral Researchers

       Shyam N. Sundar (Consutant)
       PhD : Firestone Lab, UC Berkeley
       College: NYU

       Projects: Characterization of I3C/DIM/ART mechanism of action              in human breast, prostate, and cancer cells, with particular                           emphasis on hormonal, cell cycle, and developmental effects.

       Salvatore (Sal) Cilia  (1st year postdoc)

       PhD : Kane Lab, UC Berkeley
       College: UC Irvine

       Projects: Characteriziation of cell-cell interactions induced by the synthetic            glucocordicoid dexamethasone.  Regulation of cellular lifespan by I3C.


      Ida Aronchik  (1st year postdoc)
        PhD : Firestone Lab, UC Berkeley
        College : San Francisco State

        Projects: Characterization of I3C effect on elastase enzyme and                               downstream signaling pathways affected.  Indole action on non-                         reproductive cancer cell lines.

Graduate students

      Theresa R. Stueve    (5th year)-Joint with Hayes Lab

     Program : Molecular Toxicology

     College: Rollins College

     Projects : Investigating the effects of herbicides on hormonal          signaling in human breast cancers.

    Ankur K. Singhal

    Program : Endocrinology (Masters Student)

    College : UC Berkeley

    Project : Investigating the effect I3C elicits on growth factor       signaling and the crosstalk between hormonal and growth         factor activities  in estrogren sensitive breast cancer.

    Tony Tin

    Program : Endocrinology (2nd Year)

    College :  UC Berkeley

    Projects : Determining the effect phytochemicals exhert on         developmental signaling pathways.

     Kristina Hargraves      (2nd year)

     Program : Endocrinology

     College : Mills

     Project : Characterization of I3C-resistant hormone                    insensitive breast cancer cell lines.  Determining                        phytochemical effects on variable RNA expression.

                  Bhumika Kapadia       (2nd year)

                      Program : Endocrinology

                      Masters : Georgetown

                      College : UC Irvine

                      Project : Regulation of human cancer cell-cell
                                    interactions by phytochemicals


              Kevin M. Poindexter    (1st year)

                 Program: Endocrinology
                 College: UC Berkeley

                 Project : Indole regulation of Cell cycle progression

  Kalvin Tran  (Master's Student)

  College : UC Berkeley, Integrated Biology Dept.

  Project: Determine the mechanism of action Artimisinin uses to                         arrest the growth of endometrial cancer cells

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  Travis J. Morgenstern  (Crystal's Group)

  Major : ESPM, Senior
  Project : Characterize the effect individual components of BZL101 have on       reproductive cancer growth and proliferation

     Tony Chen (Ida's Group)


    Project: Deefine interaction domain between indoles and target proteins

Recent Graduates and departures... Congratulations!

      Crystal N. Marconett  
     Destination: Post-Doc at USC-Department of Biochemistry

      PhD: Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Berkeley

      College : UC Santa Cruz


      Sarbani Giri-Visiting Faculty
     Destination: Associate Professor of Life Sciences, Assam                              University, Silchar, India   
   Post-doc:  Laboratory of Metabolism, NCI, NIH, USA


Vasiliki Aivaliotis            Destination: Medical School at UCSF
   Major : Molecular and Cell Biology, Acting Minor

   Project : Effect of Artimisinin on hormonal signaling in prostate cancer model    cell lines

   Kelly Mahuron        Destination: Medical School at UCSD

   Major : Molecular and Cellular Biology, Immunology Emphasis

   Project : Indole regulation of estrogen receptor isoforms

Updated: 2.5.2010