MCB GSO Meeting Minutes

Minutes taken by Madeleine Jensen on June 8, 2017


Executive Committee: Laura Wetzel (President), Ella Hartenian (Vice President), Madeleine Jensen (Secretary)

Other Officers, Current and Incoming: Emily Lingeman, Katie Sieverman, Kelsey Van Dalfsen, Shally Margolis, Helen Vander Wende, George Otto, Justin Zhang, Katie Deets, Amy Strom, Ryan Morrie, Fernando Rodriguez, Rebecca Lamothe, Amy Eisenberg, Justin Roncaioli, Andrea Higdon, Tess Linden, Maya Emmons-Bell, Robyn Jong, Charlotte Nixon, Mathew Summers, Chris Duncan Lewis, Hayley McCausland, Nick Lind, Ashley Albright, David McSwiggen

Absent: Davis Goodnight, Caroline Cypranowska, Eric Greene, Amy Tresenrider, Rosalie Lawrence, Ryan Forster, Franziska Lorbeer, Ross Pedersen, Jing Chen, Dennis Sun, Lindsey Young, Ethan McSpadden, Janice Chen, Shion Lim, Alex Seletsky, Jared Bard, Alyssa Bormann, Erika Lopez-Alfonzo, Emma Carroll, Justin de Leon, Alison Stanbery, Justine Chia, Brian Castellano, Diya Das

Called to order at 9:05am

Discussion Items

  1. Amendments to the Constitution
    1. Grammatical errors: add dashes to “first-year representatives” and class names (i.e. third-year class) where necessary. Approved unanimously.
    2. Clarify language defining quorum (Article III) by adding the phrase “When incoming and outgoing officers are present, quorum may be met by the presence of either incoming or outgoing members.” Approved unanimously.
    3. Add web master role (Article II.C.xiii) and remove secretary role, giving additional duties to V.P. (Article II.F). Approved unanimously.
      1. Language: xiii. Web Master (1) The MCB GSO web master is elected for a one-year term and is responsible for maintaining the GSO website with current member names, meeting minutes, and the GSO constitution, as well as for updating any other relevant pages within that site.
    4. Clarify how to fill vacant roles that are multi-year officer terms (Article II.D.iv.4) by adding “The vacated position will be filled by electing an additional officer during the general election if the position is vacated prior to elections, by promoting a runner-up if the position is vacated after the election, or by holding a special election if no additional candidates exist. For multi-year offices, the candidates with the greatest number of votes will be elected to the longest terms.” Approved unanimously.
    5. Clarification in Article III Laws for MCB-GSO:
      1. 1. “Head Representative” is no longer a position we have. Replace with “President.
      2. 2. The LEAD Center has moved to Eshelman Hall and updates must be filed there.
      3. 3. Both approved unanimously.

  2. Officer Excusals
    1. GAC: excusal of Emily Lingeman. Unanimously approved.
    2. GA: excusal of Madeleine Jensen, David McSwiggen, and George Otto. Unanimously approved.
    3. Vacated positions will be filled by candidates from the May election starting with those with the most votes.

  3. Vote for new Executive Board
    1. Nominations: Ella Hartenian, Madeleine Jensen, and Charlotte Nixon decline nominations for the executive board. Helen Vander Wende, Amy Eisenberg, Shally Margolis, David McSwiggen, Chris Duncan-Lewis, and Ashley Albright accept nominations.
    2. Motion to give each officer present two votes for the executive board; the candidate with the most votes will be President and the runner-up will be Vice president. A unanimous vote approves.
    3. David McSwiggen was elected President, and Helen Vander Wende was elected Vice President

  4. Comments on events from the year
    1. Suggestion to change number of MCB 295 coordinators from two to three.
      1. Katie Sieverman provides update from GAC: approved $500 stipend for organizers
      2. This is a huge amount of work for two people in a short time frame
      3. Need input from Shion and Alex on hours per week
      4. Britt Glausinger is offering a 290 on presentation skills
    2. Admissions committee
      1. Should we vote by division? (Article II.D.ii.1); Important to have breadth of experience on admissions
      2. Should we have 2 BBS representatives or one at large? (Article II.C.vii)
      3. Vote on the motion to continue discussing this in a small committee
        1. Yea: 12
        2. Nay: 14
        3. The voting and positions will remain as-is and we will not discuss further. This could be re-opened if the organization of the admissions process changes.
  5. Passing of the Torch reserved for post-meeting; General Meeting adjourned at 10:00am

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