The GSO is organized and run by MCB graduate students,
acting as a liaison between the university-wide Graduate Assembly, MCB, and our grad students.

Our department is unique in that it encourages such extensive student participation.
GSO members actively participate in Recruitment, departmental seminars, faculty search committees, and policy decisions.
And of course, the GSO is here to serve student interests. We keep MCB students informed of department news and policies, help advise incoming first-years about classes, and organize information panels for advice on fellowship and qualifying exams.

Please take a look at our Constitution for specific offices and the GSO bylaws. To find out what’s been happening in your division, contact the appropriate officer. If you have any questions or would like to bring something to the attention of the department, division, or GSO, please contact the appropriate officer or the president.

Breakdown of the GSO

Executive Board
Admissions Committee
Careers for Life Sciences PhDs
Divisional Representatives
First Year Representatives
Graduate Affairs Committee
Graduate Assembly Delegates


Marian E. Koshland Lecture Series Committee
MCB Alumni Association-GSO Liaisons
MCB Grad Network-GSO Liaisons
Recruitment Representative
Safety Officer
Thesis Presentations

MCB GSO 2017-2018


Admissions Committee
BBS: Chris Duncan Lewis & Charlotte Nixon
CDB: Amy Eisenberg
GGD: Ashley Albright
IMP: Katie Deets
NEU: Mathew Summers

Careers for Life Sciences PhDs
Madeleine Jensen & Kelsey Van Dalfsen

Divisional Representatives
BBS: Ella Hartenian & Justin Zhang
CDB: George Otto
GGD: Dennis Sun
IMP: Nick Lind
NEU: Ryan Morrie

Web Master
Madeleine Jensen


Executive Board
President: David McSwiggen
Vice President: Helen Vander Wende

First-Year Representatives
Natalie Dall & Michelle Reid

Graduate Affairs Committee
Caroline Cypranowska & Davis Goodnight

Graduate Assembly Delegates
Janice Chen*, Chris Duncan Lewis,
Haley McCausland, Fernando Rodriguez Perez
Justin Roncaioli & Dennis Sun

Koshland Lecture Series Committee
Jing Chen*, Rosalie Lawrence*,
Dennis Sun*, Lindsey Young*
Maya Emmons-Bell, Andrea Higdon
Tess Linden & Helen Vander Wende


MCB Alumni Association-GSO Liaisons
Emily Lingeman & Oliver Davis

MCB Grad Network-GSO Liaisons
Katie Sieverman & Eliana Bondra

Recruitment Representatives
Erika Lopez-Alfonzo & Alyssa Bormann

Safety Officer
Robyn Jong

Thesis Presentations
Amy Eisenberg & Rebecca Lamothe

Interdepartmental Social Liaison
Shally Margolis

*denotes officers serving second year of a 2-year term

Want to get involved in the MCB GSO?

Elections are held every Spring.
If you'd like to get involved sooner, just contact the president.
Just don't forget to nominate yourself in the Spring!