Graduate Student Organization

Department of Molecular and Cell Biology

University of California, Berkeley

The GSO is organized and run by MCB graduate students, acting as a liaison between the university-wide Graduate Assembly, MCB, and our grad students. Our department is unique in that it encourages such extensive student participation. GSO members actively participate in Recruitment, departmental seminars, faculty search committees, and policy decisions. 


And of course, the GSO is here to serve student interests.  We keep MCB students informed of department news and policies, help advise incoming first-years about classes, and organize information panels for advice on fellowship applications and qualifying exams.

Please take a look at our Constitution for specific offices and the GSO bylaws. To find out what’s been happening in your division, contact the appropriate officer. If you have any questions or would like to bring something to the attention of the department, division, or GSO, please contact the appropriate officer or the president, Elisa Zhang.


And finally, if you’d like to be involved in the GSO, contact the current officer for more information, and remember to nominate yourself next May!