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 May 12th 12pm – 1pm, 2063 Valley Life Sciences Building
"Jobs in Biotech - Experiences from Berkeley Alumni"
 Please join us for a special luncheon on May 12th with Dr. Meredith Leong and Dr. Joanne Adamkewicz. They will share their insights and experiences as industry professionals (and some pointers on the interview/application process). 
A catered luncheon will be provided. (AKA free food!)

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Looking forward to seeing you on Friday May 12th
Meredith Leong is the Director of Translational Science and Immunology at Aduro Biotech. She went to UC San Diego as an undergrad and did her graduate work with Dr. Gary Firestone at UC Berkeley studying the stress-induced kinase SGK.  After completing her PhD, she worked at Cerus Corporation as part of the team developing live attenuated Listeria monocytogenes as a cancer vaccine platform.  Meredith continued to work on the Listeria-based vaccine program at a small spinout company and at Aduro.  She started at Aduro in 2009 when the company was just 9 people, and now they are ~160+ and are developing cancer immunotherapies based on live attenuated Listeria, STING agonists, and monoclonal antibodies. 

Joanne Adamkewicz is a Senior Scientist in Oncology Biomarker Development at Genentech. She went to the College of William and Mary for undergrad and did her graduate work with Dr. Jeremy Thorner at UC Berkeley. Since receiving her PhD, she has worked at Exelixis Inc, Gilead Sciences, and Intermune before her current position at Genentech. She has been working at Genentech for the past two years and is responsible for the development and execution of clinical trial biomarker strategies in hematology indications, including identification of novel predictive and prognostic biomarkers, and scientific support for drug development of the Genentech/Roche pipeline. 

- PDLC organizing committee