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Kayaking on Tomales Bay: More excitement than expected! (9/12/15)

When a lab member proposed the following outing, it sounded like a great idea:


Little did we know that the trip would be more exciting than expected!

Here is the group all prepped and ready for departure:



The outward leg of the trip went fine. However, the winds picked up after sunset, and when the kayakers headed back to enjoy the bioluminescence in the water, the waves had increased so much that they had to take refuge at an island, and were eventually rescued by the local emergency responders:

news report

Here is a photo of the rescue in progress (sorry you can't see much - it was rather dark at the time):

rescue photo

And some parting thoughts from Lin on the experience: "I hope everyone enjoyed all 20 seconds of the calm bioluminescence kayaking and some of us may even enjoyed battling the ocean waves. I hope Johannes and I are the only people in our group who got dumped into water by the jet ski. And I'm sure everyone would agree with Randy that we will definitely stick with something warm and dry next time."

At least there was a silver lining at the end - the company refunded our money for the outing!