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Former Lab Members

Contact the lab manager for information on the whereabouts of these former members who have left the lab in the last few years:

Renan Aparicio
Satoshi Baba
Kanika Bajaj
Zhiliang Cheng
Regina Choy
Lazar Dimitrov
Alex Fernandes
Johannes Freitag
Liang Ge
Amita Gorur
Yusong Guo
Susan Hamamoto
Mia Jakobsen
Florian Koban
Jason Lam
Jessica Li
Lillian Lim
Anandita Mathur
Tomotake Morita
Ryan Morrie
Sayaka Ri
Matt Shurtleff
Peggy MeCutchan Smith
Lior Shtayer
Irena Tan
Julien Villeneuve
Lixon Wang
Ryan Wang
Livy Wilz
Christine Winkler
Zong Wu
Giulia Zanetti
Min Zhang
Pengcheng Zhang

Liz Alexander-Asher (Executive Assistant)

The Schekman lab is saddened to announce that Liz died suddenly on September 11, 2015. Her skill in coordinating Randy's crazy travel and appointments calendar and providing other administrative support to the lab will be sorely missed.

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