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medrxiv [January 2021]

Congratulations to Hockemeyer Lab for their publication, Launching a saliva-based SARS-CoV-2 surveillance testing program on a university campus, in medrxiv

elife [December 2020]

Congratulations to Sara, Emma, and Franziska for their publication, TINF2 is a haploinsufficient tumor suppressor that limits telomere length, in elife

Staff Research Assistant Yogendra Verma [December 2020]

CSU, Channel Islands M.S in Biotechnology, Yogendra Verma, joins the lab as Staff Research Associate!

 First Round Grantee of ASAP [October 2020]

Hockemeyer Lab is awarded funding by ASAP for Dissecting Genetic Interactions of Parkinson's Disease-associated Risk Loci under Biology of PD-associated Genetics!


ascb MBoC [October 2020]

Congratulations to John Boyle and Samuel Regaldo for their publication, Telomere length set point regulation in human pluripotent stem cells critically depends on the shelterin protein TPP1, in MBoC

Cell Reports [September 2020] 

Congratulations to Dr. Dirk Hockemeyer for his publication, Controlled Cycling and Quiescence Enables Efficient HDR in Engraftment-Enriched Adult Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells in Cell Reports

 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Annika Martin 

 Congratulations to Annika on passing her Qualifing Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

Undergraduate Student Lauren Aguilar August, 2020

 UC Berkeley junior in Molecular Environmental Biology, Lauren Aguilar, joins the lab!   

 Ph.D. Degree Franziska Lorbeer [July 2020]

 Congratulations to Franziska Lorbeer on receiving her Ph.D degree and being the third student to graduate from the Hockemeyer lab! She will   be missed!

 COVID-19 Test Kit Production [May 2020]

  Kit Production      Kit Production      Kit Production


 Tenure Track Dr. Dirk Hockemeyer [February 2020]

 Congratulations to Dr. Dirk Hockemeyer for his tenure track and promotion to Associate Professor!

Dirk's Tenure Party

      Dirk's Tenure Party     

      tenure party

  Lab SF Exploratorium Visit! [February 2020]

   SF Exploratorium

  SF Exploratorium  SF Exploratorium

 Staff Research Associate Tianlin Lu 

 Miami University M.S. in Cell, Molecular, and Structural Biology, Tianlin Lu, joins the lab!

 Lab Manager Preetha Markose 

 Research Associate, Preetha Markose, joins the lab!

 Postdoctoral Fellow Antonio Maffia 

 University of Pavia Ph.D. in Genetics, Molecular and Cell Biology, Antonio Maffia, joins the lab! 

 Graduate Student Jesse Dunnack 

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in MCB, Jesse Dunnack from the University of Connecticut, joins the lab!

 Nature Medicine John Blair [August 2018]

 Congratulations to John on his publication, Genetically engineered human cortical spheroid models of tuberous sclerosis in Nature Medicine.

 JBC Daphné Dambournet [July 2018]

 Congratulations to Daphné for her publication, Genome-edited human stem cells expressing fluorescently labeled endocytic markers allow quantitative analysis of clathrin-mediated endocytosis   during differentiation in JBC.

 Awards Kunitoshi Chiba, Franziska Lorbeer, and Leslie Chan

 Congratualtions to Chiba who received the Nicholas Cozzarelli Prize. The Nicholas Cozzarelli Prize is presented annually to a graduating student for best PhD research and dissertation in   Molecular and Cell Biology. Additionally, Franzi was chosen to be one of 600 young scientists under 35 to attend the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting. And finally one of our outstanding   undergrads, Leslie received the Departmental Citation awarded to graduating senior in the MCB Department, not only in terms of overall grade point average, but in major course work, quality of   research, and such other factors that indicate promise of great success in the student's career.

 Graduations Drs. Kunitoshi Chiba and Ryan Forster, and Brendan Finnerty [May 2018]

 The Hockemeyer lab in proud to graduate its first Ph.D. students, Chiba and Ryan and well as a visiting masters student Brendan. They will be missed.

 EMBO Conference Franziska Lorbeer John Boyle, Brendan Finnerty, and Kelsey Hennick [May 2018]

 Franzi, John, Brendan, and Kelsley attended the EMBO workshop on Telomere Biology in Health and Human Disease where John presented a talk on his work on TPP1 and all others where   selected to present posters.


 Science Ryan Forster [April 2018]

 Congratulations to Ryan on his publication, Observing the cell in its native state: Imaging subcellular dynamics in multicellular organisms in Science.

 Ph.D. Qualification Exams John Boyle and Rebecca Bartke [April 2018]

 Congratulations to John and Rebecca on passing their Qualifing Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!


 Cell Reports John Blair [Novemeber 2017]

 Congratulations to John Blair for his publication, Widespread Translational Remodeling during Human Neuronal Differentiation in Cell Reports. 

 Fellowships Leslie Chan and Shannon Wu [October 2017]

 Congratulations to Leslie and Shannon for receiving fellowships from Center for Research and Education on Aging and Koret Foundation.

 Science Franziska Lorbeer and Kunitoshi Chiba [August 2017]

 Congratulations to Franzi and Chiba for their publication of "Mutations in the promoter of the telomerase gene TERT contribute to tumorigenesis by a two-step mechanism" in Science.

 Fellowships Franziska Lorbeer, Kunitoshi Chiba, and Won-Tae Kim [July 2017]

 Congratulations to Franzi, Chiba, ad Won-Tae on receiving fellowships from Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds, University of California Cancer Research Coordinating Committee, and the Siebel Stem   Cell Institute

 Graduate Student Rebecca Bartke [May 2017]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in MCB, Rebecca Bartke from the University of Michigan, joins the lab!

 Graduate Student John Boyle [May 2017]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in MCB, John Boyle from University of California Berkeley, returns to the lab!

 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Sara Choo [April 2017]

 Congratulations to Sara on passing her Qualification Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

 Visiting Student Alejandro Hernandez Sanchez [February 2017]

 Masters student, Alejandro Hernandez Sanchez, joins the lab! 

 Undergraduate Student Kimberly Tang [January 2017]

 UC Berkeley freshman in Molecular and Cell Biology, Kimberly Tang, joins the lab!   

 Visiting Student Brendan Finnerty [December 2016]

 Masters student, Brendan Finnerty, joins the lab!

 Molecular and Cell Biology Kunitoshi Chiba, Manraj Gill [November 2016]

 Congratulations to Chiba and Manraj on the publication of "Endogenous TERT N-terminal tagging affects human telomerase function at telomeres in vivo" in Molecular and Cell Biology! 

 Undergraduate Student Apaarajita Balaji [November 2016]

 UC Berkeley junior in Molecular and Cell Biology, Apaarajita Balaji, joins the lab! 

 Postdoctoral Associate Won-Tae Kim [October 2016] 

 Korea University Ph.D. in Biotechnology, Won-Tae Kim, joins the lab! 

 Postdoctoral Associate Shirin Jenkins [October 2016]

 UC Davis Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology, Shirin Jenkins, joins the lab! 

 Undergraduate Student Erica Keane [September 2016]

 UC Berkeley junior in Molecular and Cell Biology, Erica Keane, joins the lab! 

 Undergraduate Student Justin Lu [September 2016]

 UC Berkeley freshman in Bioengineering, Justin Lu, joins the lab!

Lab Photo Day! [August 2016]

2nd Annual Lab Photo Day? 











 eLife Samuel Regalado, Joshua Johnson [August 2016]

 Congratulations to Sam and Josh on the publication of "Minimized human telomerase maintains telomeres and resolves endogenous roles of H/ACA proteins, TCAB1, and Cajal bodies" in eLife! 

Lab BBQ! [August 2016]

2016 Lab BBQ!












Lab Hike! [July 2016]

Lab Hike!












 Undergraduate Student Rayyan Aburajab [July 2016]

 UC Berkeley sophomore in Molecular and Cell Biology, Rayyan Aburajab, joins the lab!

 John's last day! [July 2016]

John's last day as the lab manager!



















 Lab Manager Kelsey Hennick [June 2016]

 UC Davis graduate in Genetics, Kelsey Hennick, joins the lab!

 Undergraduate Student Christian Gonzalez [June 2016]

 UC Berkeley senior in Molecular and Cell Biology, Christian Gonzalez, joins the lab!

Annual Lab Photo Day [May 2016]

Lab on a tree! 










 Undergraduate Degrees Casey Drubin and Jimmy Guo [May 2015]

 Congratulations to Casey and Jimmy on completing their degrees in Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology, respectively!

 Graduate Student Sara Seunga Choo [May 2016]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in MCB, Sara Choo from University of California Berkeley, joins the lab!

 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Timothy Turkalo [April 2016]

 Congratulations to Tim on passing his Qualification Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

S.S. Alt has set sail! 






 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Franziska Lorbeer [April 2016]

 Congratulations to Franzi on passing her Qualification Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

Franzi's Qualifying Party!

  Franzi and Friends


 Current Opinion in Cell Biology Joshua Johnson [December 2015]

 Congratulations to Josh on the publication of "Human stem cell-based disease modeling: prospects and challenges," a review article in Current Opinon in Cell Biology's themed issue on 'Differentiation and Disease'! 

 Undergraduate Student Annie Lai [December 2015]

 UC Berkeley sophomore in Chemical Biology, Annie Lai, joins the lab!

Halloween! [October 2015]


 Undergraduate Student Rachel Trujillo [October 2015]

 UC Berkeley freshman in Molecular and Cell Biology, Rachel Trujillo, joins the lab!

 Visiting Student Eva Schruf [September 2015]

 Masters student at The Julius Maximilians University of Würzburg, Eva Schruf, joins the lab!

 Re-writing Genomes Symposium Kunitoshi Chiba [August 2015] 

 Chiba gave a talk on genome editing in stem cells to uncover the transcriptional regulation of endogenous hTERT at the 3rd Annual Re-writing Genomes Symposium hosted by the UC Berkeley QB3 and the Innovative Genomics Initiative!

Speakers, Organizers and Sponsors at the 2015 Re-writing Genome Symposium












A's Baseball Game! [August 2015]

Hockemeyer and Bateup Lab Members at the A's Baseball Game

 eLife Kunitoshi Chiba, Joshua Johnson, Tina Wagner, John Boyle [July 2015]

 Congratulations to Chiba, Josh, Tina and John on the publication of "Cancer-associated TERT promoter mutations abrogate telomerase silencing" in eLIFE! The July issue of eLife also features this paper with an Insight on this paper written   by Dr. Kamila Naxerova and Dr. Stephen Elledge!

 Undergraduate Student Shannon Wu [June 2015]

 UC Berkeley sophomore in Molecular and Cell Biology, Shannon Wu, joins the lab!

 Visiting Amgen Scholar Rebecca Bartke [June 2015]

 University of Michigan junior in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Rebecca Bartke, joins the lab for the summer as a part of the Amgen Scholars Program!

 Undergraduate Degree Tiffany Tsan [May 2015]

 Congratulations to Tiffany on completing her B.Sc. degree in Chemical Biology!

Tiffany's farewell party!







 Undergraduate Students Casey Drubin and Olivia Song [May 2015]

 UC Berkeley senior in Chemistry, Casey Drubin, and sophomore in Molecular and Cell Biology, Olivia Song, join the lab!

 Graduate Students Franziska Lorbeer and Tim Turkalo [May 2015]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. students, Franziska Lorbeer from Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University Bonn and Timothy Turkalo from University of Kansas, join the lab!

 Qualification Exam Joshua Johnson [May 2015]

 Congratulations to Josh on passing his Qualification Exam!


  Josh!  Pensive Josh!


 Cold Spring Harbor Conference Kunitoshi Chiba and John Boyle [April 2015]

 Chiba gave a talk on transcriptional regulation of endogenous hTERT and John presented his poster on the role of TPP1 in telomere length homeostasis at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's 2015 meeting on Telomeres and Telomerase!

 Undergraduate Student Leslie Chan [March 2015]

 UC Berkeley freshman in Molecular and Cell Biology, Leslie Chan, joins the lab!

Annual Lab Photo Day [March 2015]

Lab Group Photo 2015

 Masters Degree Tina Wagner [February 2015]

 Congratulations to Tina on completing her masters degree in Biochemistry!

Holiday Party! [December 2014]

Lab Members and Friends at the 2014 Holiday Party!

 Undergraduate Student Cynthia Martinez [November 2014]

 UC Berkeley sophomore in Microbial Biology, Cynthia Martinez, joins the lab! 

 Methods in Molecular Biology Kunitoshi Chiba [November 2014]

 Congratulations to Chiba on the publication of "Genome editing in human pluripotent stem cells using site specific nucleases," a chapter in the Chromosomal Mutagenesis volume of Methods in Molecular Biology!

 Genes and Development Alec Sexton, Sam Regalado [August 2014]

 Congratulations to Alec and Sam on the publication of "Genetic and molecular identification of three human TPP1 functions in telomerase action" in Genes and Development! The September issue of Genes and Development also features a Perspective on this paper written by Dr. Jan Karlseder!

Annual Lab BBQ! [July 2014]

Hockemeyer and Bateup Lab Members with Friends and Family

   Germany are World Cup Champions!

 Stem Cell Reports Ryan Forster, Kunitoshi Chiba, Sam Regalado [June 2014]

 Congratulations to Ryan, Chiba and Sam on the publication of "Human intestinal tissue with adult stem cell properties derived from pluripotent stem cells" in Stem Cell Reports!

 Research Specialist John Boyle [June 2014]

 UC Berkeley graduate in MCB, John Boyle, joins the lab!

 Ph.D. Degree and Nicholas Cozzarelli Award Alec Sexton [May 2014]

 Congratulations to Alec on receiving his Ph.D. degree in MCB and on being presented with the Nicholas Cozzarelli Award at the graduation!

 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Ryan Forster [May 2014]

 Congratulations to Ryan on passing his Qualification Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

Ryan in Costa Rica! 

 Graduate Student Joshua Johnson [May 2014]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. student in MCB, Joshua Johnson from University of Carolina Upstate, joins the lab!

 Ph.D. Qualification Exam Kunitoshi Chiba [April 2014]

 Congratulations to Chiba on passing his Qualification Exam for Ph.D. candidacy!

Chiba and Dirk

Annual Lab Photo Day [April 2014]

Archive of photos from 2014

Lab Photo Day 2014

 Visiting Student Tina Wagner [March 2014]

 Masters student at the Eberhard-Karls University of Tuebingen, Tina Wagner, joins the lab!

 News and Views Ryan Forster [February 2014]

 Congratulations to Ryan on the publication of "Genome editing 101: Let's go digital," a news and views article in Nature Methods!

Christmas Party! [December 2013]

Dirk at 2013 Lab PartyJosh at the 2013 Lab PartyAlec at 2013 Lab Party

Chiba at the 2013 Lab PartyCurrent and Past Members at 2013 Lab PartyJohn at 2013 Lab Party

 Undergraduate Student Manraj Gill [December 2013]

 UC Berkeley freshman in Molecular and Cell Biology, Manraj Gill, joins the lab!

Annual Lab Photo Day [July 2013]

Lab Photo Day 2013

 Undergraduate Student Tiffany Tsan [July 2013]

 UC Berkeley junior in Chemical Biology, Tiffany Tsan, joins the lab!

 Graduate Students Ryan Forster and Kunitoshi Chiba [May 2013]

 UC Berkeley Ph.D. students, Ryan Forster (MCB and Chemical Biology) from Arizona State University and Kunitoshi Chiba (MCB) from Tokyo Institute of Technology, join the lab!

 Staff Research Associate Samuel Regalado [February 2013]

 UC Berkeley graduate in MCB, Samuel Regalado, joins the lab as the lab manager and SRA!