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  • Physical Biology of the Cell, 2nd edition, Rob Phillips, Jane Kondev, Julie Theriot and Hernan G. Garcia, Garland Science, New York, (2013). (Book website and Erratum).

    Recipient of the 2013 The Society of Biology Award for an Outstanding Biology/Biosciences/Life Sciences Textbook for Undergraduates.

  • Hernan G. Garcia, Thomas Gregor: Live Imaging of mRNA Synthesis in Drosophila. In: Gaspar I. (eds) RNA Detection: Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 1649. Humana Press, New York, NY (2018).

  • Mustafa MirArmando ReimerJenna E. HainesXiao-Yong LiMichael StadlerHernan G. GarciaMichael E. Eisen and Xavier Darzacq: Dense Bicoid Hubs Accentuate Binding along the Morphogen Gradient

  • Hernan G. Garcia, Robert C Brewster and Rob Phillips: Using synthetic biology to make cells tomorrow’s test tubesIntegrative Biology 8:431 (2016).

  • Mattias Rydenfelt, Hernan G. Garcia, Robert Sidney Cox III and Rob Phillips: The influence of promoter architectures and regulatory motifs on gene expression in Escherichia coli. PLOS One, 10(3): e0121935 (2014).

  • Thomas Gregor, Hernan G. Garcia and Shawn C. Little: The embryo as a laboratory: quantifying transcription in DrosophilaTrends in Genetics 30:364 (2014).