Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria

Post-doctoral fellow


My experience is considerably different from the typical researcher – I come from a background in restaurant and retail management, having worked as an assistant store manager, general store manager, and district manager in well-known companies including Burger King and Starbucks, as well as independent restaurants like Menchanko-Tei. These seemingly disconnected employments have given me the complex ability to multi-task and maximize my time, which have been instrumental in my undergraduate and graduate studies.

While juggling multiple responsibilities in my numerous jobs, I completed my BA and MA degree in Biotechnology at Hunter College, working with Dr. Paul Feinstein in characterization of odorant receptors in mouse olfactory neurons. Subsequently, I completed my PhD at Columbia University with Dr. Liza Pon working on identification of novel actin-mitochondrial interactions in regulation of cellular health and lifespan in the yeast model organism, S. cerevisiae. Throughout my research career, I also invested my time in developing my pedagogy, working as a teaching assistant and adjunct professor at several high schools, Kaplan, Hunter College, Columbia University, and College of Mount Saint Vincent.

In the Dillin lab, I plan to characterize actin cytoskeletal decline during advanced aging and to identify key components dedicated to protect cytoskeletal integrity during stress and aging.


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