New Events

NIH R01AG059566 Awarded

Cory Pender Joins the Lab as a Post Doc

Alex Mulligan Joins the Lab as a Research Technician

Melissa Metcalf Awarded NIH Fellowship

Phil Frankino Passes Qualifying Exam

Camila Benitez Joins the Lab as a Research Technician 

Undergraduate Researchers Camila Benitez, Eric Zhang and Daniel Choi graduate from UC Berkeley

Melissa Metcalf Passes Qualifying Exam

Holly Gildea Passes Qualifying Exam

Joseph Paul Passes Qualifying Exam

Melissa Metcalf Awarded NSF Fellowship

Raz Bar-Ziv Receives EMBO Fellowship

Raz-Bar Ziv Joins the Lab as a Post Doc Fellow

Samira Monshietehadi Joins the Lab as a Research Technician

NIH R01ES021667 Renewed

NIH R01AG955891 Awarded 

TEVA Industry Alliance Contract Renewed

Koning Shen Receives Jane Coffin Childs Fellowship

Nazineen Kandahari and Mandy Zeng join the lab as full-time Research Technicians

Undergraduate Researchers Giana Ciriola, Nazineen Kandahari, Rachel Prorok, Cathy Ton, Vi Tran, and Mandy Zeng Graduate from UC Berkeley

Andy Murley Receives Damon Runyon Fellowship

Brant Webster Receives Life Sciences Fellowship

Holly Gildea Awarded NSF Fellowship

Joseph Paul Awarded NSF Fellowship

Melissa Metcalf (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab

Phil Frankino (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab

Holly Gildea (Graduate Student, Helen Wills Neuroscience) Joins the Lab

Joseph Paul (Graduate Student, MCB) Joins the Lab

Koning Shen (Post Doc) Joins the Lab

Celine Reira’s Olfactory Paper Accepted at Cell Metabolism

15 Year Reunion Retreat Planning Initiated

HHMI Funding Renewed for 7 more years

New NIH R01 Receives 2% ranking

NIH R01 Renewal Receives 3% ranking