Nan Xin, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow



I completed my Ph.D. in Dr. Yashi Ahmed’s lab at Dartmouth College. In my graduate work, I used Drosophila as a model organism to study context-specific regulation of the Wnt/Wingless signal pathway. I identified a transcription factor and a transcriptional co-activator that collaboratively facilitate Wnt/Wingless signaling responses at specific chromatin sites in neurons and muscles.  In the Dillin lab, my focus is on characterizing differential regulation of mitochondrial protein import in different tissues upon aging and stress.



Xin, N., Benchabane, H., Tian, A., Nguyen, K., Klofas, L., Ahmed, Y. Erect Wing Facilitates Context-Dependent Wingless Signal Transduction by Recruiting the Cell-Specific Armadillo-TCF Adaptor Earthbound to Chromatin.  Development (2011) 138, 4955-4967

Benchabane, H., Xin, N., Tian, A., Hafler, B.P., Nguyen, K., Ahmed, Y. Jerky/Earthbound Facilitates Cell-Specific Wnt/Wingless Signaling by Modulating β-catenin-TCF Activity. The EMBO Journal (2011) 30, 1444-1458