Joe Daniele, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Fellow



I received my Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA. In my doctoral work, I employed a wide range of techniques to study how the morphogen Hedgehog (Hh), which is implicated in stem cell maintenance and neoplastic disease (cancer), is released from Drosophila photoreceptor neurons (Biology Open 2017a,b). This work provided a new, important, and accessible target for human cancer treatment and drug development.

In my post-doc, I developed tools to characterize the organelle basis of aging and disease. With Prof. Edgar Arriaga (U. Minnesota) I developed high-throughput methods to measure mitochondrial bioenergetics and morphology at the organelle and organismal level. Through flow cytometric analysis, I developed a technique to characterize mitochondrial subpopulations from crude isolates (Anal Chem 2016, Dev Cell 2017, Curr Prot Cyt 2018). With Prof. Anu Suomalainen-Wartiovaara (U. Helsinki) I have applied this method to the characterization of mitochondrial subpopulations in patient-derived heteroplasmic cells. This new method has revealed a mitochondrial subpopulation which correlates with disease prognosis. Further, the ability to track these mitochondria has provided molecular insight into therapeutic targets.

With an interest in performing whole-organismal measures of health, I developed a software and data visualization platform for large particle flow cytometer data to enable high-throughput characterization of (1) mitochondrial bioenergetics and morphology and (2) lipid quantity and distribution (Sci Reports 2017). This platform has dramatically increased the quality of screening data and enabled (1) the identification of early prognostic biomarkers for longevity, and (2) a comprehensive characterization of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced longevity. These new tools offer the complement of high-throughput screening (of organismal models of human disease and aging) and high-content characterization of potentially pathogenic organelles.


Current Collaborations

Dr. Edgar Arriaga, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota

Dr. Anu Wartiovaara, Program for Molecular Neurology, University of Helsinki

Union Biometrica, Inc. 



Technique Development

Daniele JR, Heydari K, Dillin A.  Mitochondrial Subtype Identification and Characterization.  Curr Protoc Cytome.  2018 July.

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Biochemistry/ Cell and Developmental Biology / Neuroscience 

Nguyen, T.B., Louie, S.M., Daniele, J.R., Tran, Q., Dillin, A., Zoncu, R.,, Nomura, D.K., Olzmann, J.A, DGAT1-dependent lipid droplet biogenesis protects mitochondrial function during starvation-induced autophagy. Dev Cell. 2017 Jul 10;42(1):9-21.e5. [PDF]

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Brain and Cognitive Science

Daniele, J.R. The ‘Rhythmic Fingerprint’: An extension of the nPVI to quantify rhythmic influence. Empirical Musicology Review 2017 11 (2), 243-260. [PDF]

Daniele J.R. A tool for the quantitative anthropology of music: Use of the nPVI equation to analyze rhythmic variability within long-term historical patterns in music.Empirical Musicology Review 2017 11 (2), 228-233and Presented at the International Cognition and Perception Conference ICMPC14 in San Francisco, CA, July 9th, 2016) [PDF]

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