Carsten Merkwirth, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow



I obtained my PhD in biology from the University of Cologne in Germany.  During the course of my doctoral studies with Professor Thomas Langer at the Cologne Excellence Cluster on Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-associated Diseases (CECAD), I studied mechanisms of mitochondrial membrane dynamics and their contribution to aging-associated disorders using tissue culture systems and various mouse models.  In this work, I was able to identify prohibitin (PHB) membrane scaffolds as crucial regulators of mitochondrial architecture, neuronal survival and aging.

My current postdoctoral research in Andy Dillin´s lab at the University of California in Berkeley focuses on the understanding of molecular mechanisms that determine mitochondrial stress-mediated longevity in mammals and C. elegans.  My overall goal is to identify evolutionary conserved genetic and epigenetic pathways that coordinate mitochondrial proteostasis during the aging process.



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