The MCB Graduate Student and Alumni Association  fosters, supports, and maintain a mutually beneficial relationship between current MCB graduate students, MCB alumni, and the Molecular & Cell Biology department.

Below is a list of our more recent alumni.

Name Lab Graduated Thesis Title
Anne Dodson Rine 2016 Dynamics of Transcriptional Silencing in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Colleen McGourty Rape 2016 Regulated Activation of the CUL3 Ubiquitin Ligase by a Calcium-dependent Co-adaptor Complex
Courtney French Brenner 2016 Prevalence and Significance of Nonsense­ Mediated mRNA Decay Coupled with Alternative Splicing in Diverse Eukaryotic Organisms
Drew Friedmann Isacoff 2016 Spontaneous Activity and Intrinsic Photosensitivity in the Developing Zebrafish Spinal Cord
Emilia Esposito Levine 2016 Visualization of Transcriptional Dynamics in the Early Drosophila Embryo
Emily Ho He 2016 Investigating Meningeal Dissemination in B-Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
Heather Upton Collins 2016 Molecular Insights into the Structure and Function of the Telomerase Holoenzyme in Tetrahymena Thermophila
Jaclyn Ho Tjian 2016 Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Pluripotency and Reprogramming
James Nunez Doudna 2016 Mechanism of CRISPR?Cas Immunological Memory
Jennifer Cisson He 2016 Characterization of the Essential Role of the miR-200 Family of microRNAs in Mucociliogenesis
Megan Hochstrasser Doudna 2016 Cracking the Case: Investigations into CRISPR RNA-guided Bacterial Immunity
Nicholas Ellis Miller 2016 Developmental Genetic Basis of Stickleback Evolved Tooth Gain
Priscilla Erickson Miller 2016 Functional Genetic Analysis of Stickleback Craniofacial Evolution
Robert Wu Collins 2016 Mechanisms of the Human Telomerase Catalytic Cycle
Stefanie Monica Harland 2016 Induction, Specification and Differentiation of Neural Crest Cells in Xenopus and Danio Rerio
Xin Wang Hammond 2016 GEMM-I Riboswitch-based Fluorescent Biosensors for Live Cell Analysis of Cyclic Dinucleotide Signaling
Adam Session Rokhsar 2015 Genomic Analysis of the Allotetraploid Frog, Xenopus Laevis
Aileen Kelly Rape 2015 Mechanisms Regulating Ubiquitin Chain Formation during Mitosis
Aisha Ellahi Rine 2015 Studies on the Evolution of Silencing in Budding Yeasts using Comparative Genomics
Akemi Kunibe Drubin 2015 Mechanisms of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis in Budding Yeast
Alden Conner Isacoff 2015 Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) as a Model for the Study of Glial Calcium Signaling in Awake, Behaving Animals
Alejandra Figueroa-Clarevega Bilder 2015 Host Response to Malignant Tumors in Drosophila Melanogaster
Alexander Muir Thorner 2015 Systematic Identification of Proteins Regulated by the TOR Complex 2-dependent Kinase Ypk1 in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Allison Craney Rape 2015 Dual Mechanism for APC/C Activation by Integrated Ubiquitylation and Dephosphorylation
Andrew Glazer Miller 2015 Genetic and Developmental Analysis of Evolved Stickleback Gill Raker Reduction
Astrid Alfaro Roelink 2015 Secondary Receptors of the Shh Pathway
Benjamin Gowen Raulet 2015 Regulation and Genetic Manipulation of Ligands for the Immunoreceptor NKG2D
Brock Roberts Roelink 2015 Cell Autonomous and Non-Cell Autonomous Mechanisms of Smoothened Inhibition by Patched1 and Patched2
Caitlin DeJong Harland 2015 RNA-binding Proteins as Regulators of Transcription and Axial Patterning during Xenopus Embryogenesis
Charlene Bashore Martin 2015 Substrate Recognition and Processing by the 26S Proteasome
Christina Glazier Dernburg 2015 Meiotic Prophase Regulation and Achiasmate Chromosome Segregation in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Christopher Alvaro Thorner 2015 Regulation of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Mating Pheromone Response: G-protein-coupled Receptor Ste2 Down-modulation by Specific Arrestins
David Covarrubias Kaufer (IB) 2015 Stress Effects on Astrocyte Communication and Regulation of Adult Hippocampal Neural Stem Cells
Elisa Zhang Tjian 2015 Structural and Biochemical Characterization of the XPC DNA Repair and Stem Cell Coactivator Complex
Falina Williams Garriga 2015 The Regulation of Q Lineage Asymmetric Cell Division
Iris Hood Berger 2015 Structural and Biochemical Studies of Replicative Helicase Loading in Bacteria
Jason Kroll Tanouye 2015 From Genes to Circuits: Genetic Suppression of Epilepsy in Drosophila
Joseph Chavarria-Smith Vance 2015 Proteolysis is an Evolutionarily Conserved Mechanism of Activating NLRP1 Inflammasomes
Joy-El Barbour Talbot Hollick 2015 Maize RNA Polymerase IV Complexes and their Control of Gene Function
Julia Chang Li 2015 Regulation Of Vascular Stem Cells By Transcription Factor and Microenvironment
Julia Ullman Edwards 2015 The Role of Cation/Proton Exchanger NHE9 in Synaptic Transmission and Autism
Julie Choe Welch 2015 The Rickettsia Late Motility Factor Sca2 Exhibits Species Differences in its Actin Assembly Mechanism
Kelly Schiabor Eisen 2015 Ecology in the Laboratory: the Molecules that Shape the Ecological Relationship between D. Melanogaster and S. Cerevisiae
Kevin Barry Vance 2015 Translating Inflammation: Characterization of Host Protein Synthesis during Bacterial Infections
Livia Wilz Schekman 2015 Regulation of Autophagosome Biogenesis by the Autophagy Specific Class III Phosphatidylinostitol-3 Kinase Complex
Matthew Davis Chang, M. 2015 Exploring In Vivo Biochemistry with C4 Fuel and Commodity Chemical Pathways
Nicole Beier Karpen 2015 The Function and Regulation of Drosophila Melanogaster Centromeric Chromatin in Mitosis, Meiosis and Cancer
Peng Cheng Zhang Schekman 2015 Biochemical Analysis of the COPII Coat Reveals Cargo Recruitment is a Distinct Step from Vesicle Packaging
Philip Abitua Levine 2015 The Evolutionary Origins of Neural Crest and Placodes
Phillip Cleves Miller 2015 Developmental Genetic Basis of Tooth Number Evolution in Stickleback Fish
Rebecca Lu Drubin 2015 Investigating the Role of Ede1, an Eps15 Homolog, in Clathrin-mediated Endocytosis Site Initiation and Maturation in the Budding Yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Sarah Wilson Bautista 2015 The Role of the Ion Channel, TRPA1, in Itch Transduction in the Mammalian Peripheral Nervous System
Sofia Medina-Ruiz Harland 2015 Transcriptional Regulation of the Developing Neural Crest in Xenopus
Tania Gonzalez Hammond 2015 Tight, Inducible Gene Expression using Alternatively Spliced Exons from Plants
Thomas Burke Portnoy 2015 Lysozyme Resistance of Listeria Monocytogenes
Thomas Eng Koshland 2015 Regulation and Mechanisms of Cohesin Function and Higher Order Chromosome Structure
Wendy Ingram Robey/Eisen 2015 Toxoplasma Gondii Infection-induced Loss of Innate Aversion to Cat Urine in Mice
Wenjun Shao Arkin 2015 Functional Genomics for Improving Gene Function Assessment in Bacteria
Zachary Newman Barton 2015 The Regulation of TLR7 and TLR9 in the Prevention of Autoimmunity
Aaron Cantor Kuriyan 2014 Modular Docking Interactions and Signaling Enzyme Activity
Adrienne Greene Groves 2014 Spatio-mechanical Regulation of Eph Receptors at the Cell-cell Interface
Alec Sexton Collins 2014 Regulation and Recruitment of Human Telomerase
Angela Kaczmarczyk Patel 2014 Germline Maintenance and Regeneration in the Amphipod Crustacean, Parhyale Hawaiensis
Christine Preston Meyer 2014 Nucleosome Occupancy and Modification in C. Elegans Dosage Compensation
Christopher Mugler Weis 2014 Functional Characterization of the DEAD-box ATPase Dhh1 - a Regulator of c=Cytoplasmic mRNA Fate
Deborah Thurtle Rine 2014 The Role of Sirtuins in the Molecular Topography of Silenced Chromatin
Diana Koulechova Marqusee 2014 The Role of Conformational Energetic in Ligand Binding and Thermal Sensation
Ericca Stamper Dernburg 2014 Meiotic Double-Strand Break Formation in C. Elegans
Erich Sabio He 2014 Antagonistic interactions between microRNAs Underlie Robust Tumor Suppressor Responses
George Katibah Collins 2014 Cellular Context and Biochemical Basis of RNA Binding by IFIT5
Greg Timblin Schlissel 2014 Transcriptional Control of the Recombination Activation Genes Rag1 and Rag2 in B Lymphocytes and Non-lymphoid Cells
Justin Bosch Hariharan 2014 The Study of Tissue Growth and Cell Competition in Drosophila Melanogaster
Kara Helmke Heald 2014 Interspecies Comparisons of Xenopus Egg Extracts Reveal Mechanisms for Modulating Meiotic Spindle Size and Architecture
Kristin Owyang Garriga 2014 The Role of Vab-8 in Regulating Neuronal Polarity and Wnt Signaling in C. Elegans
Lissette Andres Bertozzi 2014 Investigating the Role of the O-GlcNAc Modification during the Neural Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Lydia The Bautista 2014 Molecular Mechanisms of Itch Signaling in Keratinocytes
Margaux Bennett He 2014 Characterization of microRNA Oncogenes and Tumor Suppressors in a Mouse B-lymphoma Model
Mark Herzik Marletta 2014 Structural Insights into Gas Binding and Signal Transduction in the H-NOX Family of Heme Proteins
Mary Anne Kidwell Doudna 2014 Mechanisms of RNA Recognition and Cleavage in RNA Interference
Megan Burger Winoto 2014 Life and Death Signaling in the Thymos: Consequences in the Etiology of Cancer and Autoimmunity
Miguel Sanchez Ngai 2014 The Roles of Sox2 in Stem and Progenitor Cells of the Mammalian Olfactory Epithelium
Nathaniel Krefman Drubin/Barnes 2014 Kinetochore-Microtubule Attachment and the Spindle Checkpoint
Nicole Fay Groves 2014 Spatiotemporal Receptor Dynamics during Early T Cell Signaling
Nikki Kong Winoto 2014 The Molecular Mechanism of Host Responses to Viral Infection
Robert Thistle Scott 2014 Drosophila Pickpocket Channel Function in Courtship Behavior and Water Detection
Robyn Beckwith Martin 2014 Reconstitution of Partially Recombinant 26S Proteasom Reveals Functional Asymmetries in its Heterohexameric AAA+ Unfoldase
Ryan Joyner Weis 2014 The Dynamic Organization of the Yeast Genome
Sabriya Rosemond Marqusee 2014 Investigation of the Mechanism of Coupling between Two Domains of T4 Lysozyme: the Role of an Alpha Helix in Coupling Distant Regions
Sharanya Prasad Shastri 2014 The Effect of Inflammatory Stimuli on Cryptic Peptide Presentation for Immune Surveillance
Tera Levin King 2014 Multicellularity, Genetics, and the Discovery of a Choanoflagellate Sexual Life Cycle
Teresa Lee Meyer 2014 Regulation of Meiotic Crossover Recombination in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Thomas Gainous Levine 2014 FGF-dependent Patterning of the Ciona Intestinalis Anterior Neural Plate
Yufei Liu Chen 2014 Insights into Cellular Stress Revealed by SIRT7
Yulia Mostovoy Brem 2014 Regulation and Function of Antisense Transcription in Saccharomyces Yeast
Aaron Cheng Drubin 2013 Investigation of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis using Genome Editing in Somatic and Pluripotent Human Cells
Aaron Hamby Feller 2013 The Role of Spontaneous Activity in the Development of Retinal Direction Selectivity
Aaron Hardin Eisen 2013 Evolution and Function of Drososphila Melanogaster Cis-regulatory Sequences
Bettina Lee Barton 2013 UNC93B1 Mediates Differential Trafficking of Endosomal Toll-like Receptors
Brandon Bunker Bilder 2013 The Transcriptional Response to Tumorigenic Polarity Loss in Drosophila Melanogaster
Brett Schofield Bustamante 2013 Satb1 as Traffic Cop: Direction Chromatin Compaction, Transcription, and Molecular Flux
Daniel Little Sommer 2013 Application of Information Theory to Modeling Exploration and Detecting Protein Coevolution
Daniel Richter King/Eisen 2013 The Gene Content of Diverse Choanoflagellates Illuminates Animal Origins
David Steakley Rine 2013 Mechanisms of Heterochromatin Silencing in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Elena Bekerman Coscoy 2013 A role for host activation-induced cytidine deaminase in innate immune defense against herpesviruses
Eric Estrin Martin 2013 Architecture and Assembly of the 19S Proteasome Regulatory Particle
Federica Sarti Chen 2013 Role of Retinoic Acid Signaling in Homeostatic Synaptic Plasticity
Hanadie Yousef Schaffer/Conboy 2013 Data Exchange Problems: Algorithms and Complexity
Iris Howlett Tanouye 2013 Characterization of Seizure Suppression in Drosophila
Ivan Tochitsky Kramer 2013 Photochemical Control of Neuronal Activity: Methods and Clinical Application
Jason Yu Schlissel 2013 Identification and Analysis of Cellular Factors Involved in v-Abl Transformation of B Lineage Cells
Jenny Ross Robey 2013 A Spatiotemporal Study of Thymic Selection and Lineage Commitment
Joel Swenson Karpen 2013 Identification and Characterization of Novel Regulator of Heterochromatin Structure and Function
John Young Harland 2013 Development Signaling by Noggin and Wnt in the Frog Xenopus
Katherine Engel Kuriyan 2013 Studies of the Allosteric Activation of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
Katherine Wickliffe Rape 2013 Mechanism of Linkage-Specific Ubiquitin Chain Formation
Keling Chen Shastri 2013 Pioneer Round of Translation Supplies Peptides for Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I Presentation
Kristin Camfield Lind Shastri 2013 Peptide Repertoire Changes Caused by Defects in Antigen Processing
Kristin Gerhold Bautista 2013 Exploring Molecular Mechanisms of Itch and Touch in the Mammalian Somatosensory System
Kwan Chow Schlissel 2013 Transcriptional Regulation of the V(D)J Recombinase (Rag)
Lara Collazo Klinman 2013 Investigating Gas Migration in Enzymes: Dioxygen Channels inside of Soybean Lipoxygenase 1
Lars Plate Marletta 2013 Functional and Mechanistic Characterization of Bacterial H-NOX/Nitric Oxide Signaling Systems
Mark Grabiner Machen 2013 Innate Immune Responses to Soluble Factors from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Mark Walker Chang, M. 2013 Expanding the Scope of Organofluorine Biochemistry through the Study of Natural and Engineered Systems
Melanie Worley Hariharan 2013 The Study of Regenerative Growth and Transdetermination in Drosophilia Melanogaster
Michael Brown Krantz 2013 Anthrax Lethal Toxin Unfolding and Translocation via a Charge-state Ratchet
Nataliya Shifrin Raulet 2013 Responsiveness and Tolerance of Natural Killer Cells
Nathan Shih Amacher 2013 Live Imaging of Segmentation Clock Dynamics in Zebrafish
Ninning Liu Bustamante 2013 Probing Mechanical Flexibility and Discrete Stepping of an Ultra-Fast Ring APTase
Patrick Visperas Kuriyan 2013 Inhibition of the T-cell Kinase ZAP-70
Sarah Rodriguez Keasling/Bertozzi 2013 Nature Inspired Platforms for Production of Acetyl-CoA Derived Biofuels in S. Cerevisiae
Seychelle Vos Berger 2013 Regulation of Bacterial Type IIA Topoisomerases
William Kruesi Meyer 2013 X-Chromosome Targeting and Chromosome-Wide Transcriptional Repression by the Caenorhabditis Elegans Dosage Compensation Complex
Zeid Rusan Tanouye 2013 Cation-Chloride Contransporters and Seizure State Transitions in Drosophila
Abigail Gerhold Hariharan 2012 Local and Systemic Responses to Ectopic Apoptosis in Drosophila Melanogaster
Adam Williamson Rape 2012 Mechanisms of Ubiquitin-Driven Cell Cycle Control
Adrianne Pigula Barnes 2012 Mechanisms of Spindle Disassembly and Microtubule-kinetochore Attachment in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Adrienne Maxwell Amacher 2012 Characterizing the Function of T-box Target Genes in Mesoderm Development
Albert Lang Klinman 2012 Probing the Mechanism of Quinone Biogenesis in Copper Amine Oxidase using Unnatural Amino Acids
Alexander Smoligovets Groves 2012 From Actin to Zap70: the Outcomes of the Interaction of the Actin Cytoskeleton with T-cell Receptors
Alexandra Cavazos Alber 2012 Determining the Role of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Serine/Threonine Protein Kinase, PknH, in Cell Signaling
Alyssa Rosenbloom Bustamante 2012 Use of a Novel Two Color PALM Method to Examine Structural Properties of Drp1 Helical Rings during Mammalian Mitochondrial Fission in Situ.
Benjamin Kline Portnoy 2012 A Screen for Listeria Monocytogenes Hemolytic Activity Mutants Reveals HPF, a Homolog of Hibernation Promoting Factor, which is Essentail for Robisomal Hiberation and Important for Competitive Fitness In Vitro and In Vivo
Bryan Schmidt Berger 2012 Control of Strand Scission by Type IIA Topoisonmerases
Cameron Noland Doudna 2012 Mechanistic Studies of Human RISC Loading Complex Function in RNA Interference
Charles Denby Brem 2012 Negative Feedback Confers Mutational Robustness in Yeast Transcription Factor Regulation
Damian Trujillo Coscoy 2012 Characterization of Expression and Function of Heparan Sulfate on Murine B Cells
Daniil Prigozhin Alber 2012 Peptidoglycan Degrading and Sensing Systems of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Derek Rookhuizen DeFranco 2012 Regulation of Germinal Center Antibody Responses by TLR Signaling in Dentritic Cells and B Cells
Elizabeth Znameroski Cate 2012 Induction of Lignocellulose Degrading Enzymes in Neurospora Crassa by Cellodextrins
Elsa Tretter Berger 2012 Understanding Substrate Selection and Functional Output of Bacterial Type IIA Topoisomerase Orthologs and Paralogs
Emily Egan Collins 2012 Architecture and Biogenesis of the Human Telomerase Holoenzyme
Eric Kofoed Vance 2012 NAIPs: Building an Innate Immune Barrier against Pathogenic Bacteria
Galo Garcia Nogales 2012 Septin Self-Assembly: Plasticity and Protein Scaffolding
Hana Lee Brem 2012 Investigating Genetic Determinants of Phenotypic Variation in Natural Isolates of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Harshita Grover Shastri/Robey 2012 Immunity to Toxoplasma Gondii
Jakob Von Moltke Vance 2012 Suidical Cells and Lipid Storms: Mechanisms and Consequences of Cytokine-independent Inflammasome Activation
Jasper Weinberg Drubin 2012 Regulation of Clathrin-Mediated Endocytosis by Dynamic Ubiquitination/Deubiquitination of Ede 1
Jefferson Taliaferro Rio 2012 Regulation of Alternative Splicing in Drosophila Melanogaster
Jessica Lyons Harland 2012 Developmental Genetics of Xenopus
Jose Estrada Ngai 2012 The Role of MicroRNAs in Olfactory Regeneration
Lingyan Jin Rape 2012 Study of Ubiquitinating Enzymes Essentail for Cell Proliferation
Lisa Dennison Scott 2012 Dissecting Neuronal Specification in the Drosophila Taste System
Maria Tokuyama Coscoy 2012 Understanding the Mechanism of Stimulatory NK-cell Ligand Expression
Mark Gurling Garriga 2012 Regulation of Neuronal Polarity in C. Elegans by TOE-2 and Wnt Signaling
Mary Fontana Vance 2012 Hot or Not? Novel Mechanisms of Innate Immune Discrimination between Pathogens and Non-Pathogens
Matthew Davis Eisen 2012 Computational and Experimental Investigations of the Principles of Eukaryotic Transcriptional Regulation before, during, and after Open Complex Formation
Meru Sadhu Rine 2012 Interactions between Nutrition, Chromatin, and Gene Regulation in Yeasts
Nanhai He Zhou 2012 Mechanistic Insights into the Roles of P-TEFb and its Novel Cofactors in Tumorigenesis and HIV Transcription
Patty Garcia Schlissel 2012 miR290-5p and miR292-5p Activate the Immunoglobulin Kappa Locus
Rachel Haurwitz Doudna 2012 The CRISPR Endoribonuclease Csy4 Utilizes Unusual Sequceand Structure-specific Mechanisms to Recognize and Process crRNAs
Richard Rymer Berger 2012 Studies on the Substrate Interactions of the Bacterial Primase
Ryan Arant Isacoff 2012 Structure and Function of Membrane Proteins Responsible for Intracellular Signaling
Shirali Pandya Botchan 2012 Characterization of the Role of Drosophila Myb in Regulation as part of the Myb-MuvB/dREAM Complex
Stephen Bird Weis/Heald 2012 Dissection of Mitotic Ran Pathway Function using the Small Molecule Importazole
Steve Duleh Welch 2012 Dynamic Actin Polymerization on Endosomes Regulates Integrin Trafficking, Cell Adhesion and Cell Migration
Zhe Liu Tjian 2012 Molecular Mechanisms for Regulation of Embryonic Stem Cell Lineage Commitment by Core Promoter Factor, TAF3
Alberto Stolfi Levine 2011 Patterning of the Ciona intestinalis Motor Ganglion
Andrea Manzo Scott 2011 Motor Neurons Controlling Fluid Ingestion in Drosophila Melanogaster
Angela Brooks Brenner 2011 RNA Splicing Regulation in Drosophila Melanogaster
Ann Marie Faust Barnes 2011 Regulation of Mitotic Progression in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae by the Microtubule-associated Proteins Slk19 and Stu1
Bryan Clarkson Doudna 2011 Translational Control in Fungi
Cathleen Haglund Welch 2011 Rickettsia Sca2 is a Bacterial Formin-like Mediator of Actin-based Motility
Chris Rae Portnoy 2011 Characterization of Listeria Monocytogenes Peptidoglycan N-Deacetylase and O-Acetylast Mutations and the Role of Lysozyme Resistance During Infection
Christopher Phillips Marletta 2011 Enzymatic Degradation of Cellulose by the Filamentous Fungus Neurospora Crassa
Emily Crane Meyer 2011 Two Inputs into C. elegans Dosage Compensation: Chromosome Confromation and the miRNA-specific Aragonaute ALG-2
Evguenia Klimenko Thorner 2011 New Tools and Approaches for Studying the Role of the Saccharomyces Cerevisae Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase Pik1 in the Yeast Nucleus
Hector Huang Groves 2011 Studying Membrane Anchor Organization in Living Cell Membranes
Heiyoun Jung Raulet 2011 Expression of Ligands for the NKG2D Activating Receptor are Linked to Proliferative Signals
Jacqueline Chretien Dernburg 2011 Characterization of Spermatogenesis in the Planarian S. Mediterranea
Jeffrey Woodruff Barnes 2011 Mechanisms of Mitotic Spindle Disassembly and Positioning in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Jesse Patterson Thorner 2011 Function and Signaling Specificity of the Hog1 Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase in the Yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Johanna Carroll Weis 2011 Post-transcriptional Regulation of Gene Expression by the DExD/H-box Protein Dhh1
Jonathan Galazka Cate 2011 Cellodextrin Transporter of Neurospora Crassa and their Utility in Saccharomyces Cerevisia during a Biofuel Production Process
Kathryn Monroe Vance 2011 Type I Interferon is not just for Viruses: Cytosolic Sensing of Bacterial Nucleic Acids
Kevin Ford Feller 2011 Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Retinal Wave Generation
Kieren Patel Heald 2011 Multiple Domains of Human CLASP Contribute to Microtubule Dynamics and Organization In Vitro and in Xenopus Egg Extracts
Kristin Talsky Collins 2011 Generation of Small RNA Complexity Requires Specialization of RNA-dependent RNA Polymerase 1 and RNA Silencing Protein 1 by Shared Protein Partners
Laura Lombardi Rine 2011 Maintenance of Open Chromatin States by Histone H3 Eviction and H2A.Z
Malik Francis Rio 2011 Identification and Characterization of the Drosophila Inverted Repeat Binding Complex
Maria Mouchess Barton 2011 Self/Non-self Discrimination by Toll-like Receptor 9
Marjorie Westbrook King 2011 Introns and Alternative Splicing in Choanoflagellates
Mary Couvillion Collins 2011 Piwi-bound Small RNAs in Tetrahymena Thermophila
Meredith Carpenter Cande 2011 Nuclear Inheritance and Genetic Exchange in Giardia Intestinalis, a Divergent Eukaryote with Two Nuclei
Nicholas Arpaia Barton 2011 Toll-like Receptor Signaling and its Effects on Microbial Pathogenesis
Nicola Barber Dernburg 2011 Regulation of Meiotic Chromosome Interactions in Caenorhabditis Elegans
Padma Gunda Doudna 2011 Mechanisms and Regulation of Cellulose Degradation by Fungal Enzymes
Rachel Zunder Rine 2011 The Regulation of Chromatin Dynamics by Histone Chaperones and Variants
Rebecca Pferdehirt Meyer 2011 Targeting X Repression: Recruitment, Binding and Function of the C. Elegans Dosage Compensation Complex
Regina Rillo Dernburg 2011 Pairing Centers Mediate Meiotic Chromosome Dynamics in C. Elegans
Roman Barbalat Barton 2011 Non-nucleic Acid Based Viral Recognition
Saori Haigo Bilder 2011 Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Tissue Elongation of the Developing Egg in Drosophila Melanogaster
Seemay Chou Alber 2011 LinkedIn: How Pathogenic Effectors Network with Host Proteins for Survival
Shih-Chieh Chien Garriga 2011 The Role of Wnt Signaling in C. Elegans Neuronal Development
Stephen Fairclough King 2011 The Cellular and Molecular Basis of Multicellulaar Development in the Choanoflagellate Salpingoeca Rosetta
Veronica Anania Coscoy 2011 From Virology to Cell Biology, Understanding Unconventional Ubiquitination
Veronica Zepeda Cate 2011 Mechanisms and Regulation of Cellulose Degradation by Clostridia Papyrosolvens C7 and Neurospora Crassa
Wai Yan Choy Schekman 2011 The Role of Intracellular Trafficking of Alzheimer's Disease Amyloid Precursor Protein in Beta-Amyloid Peptide Formation
Yassi Hafezi Hariharan 2011 Identification of Novel Regulators of Cell Competition in Drosophila Melanogaster
Adam Freund Collins 2010 Signaling Pathways that Regulate Cellular Senescence
Andrea Pezda Coscoy 2010 TLR9 Immune Evasion by Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68
Anna Wiedmann Komeili 2010 The Role of Two HtrA/DegP Family Proteases, MamE and MamO, in Protein Sorting and Biomineralization in Magnetospirillum Magneticum Str AMB-1
Aya Sato Dernburg 2010 The Role of the Pairing Center and its Interaction with the Nuclear Envelope during Meiosis in C. Elegans
Charles Olea Marletta 2010 Chemical Consequences of Heme Distortion and the Role of Heme Distortion in Signal Transduction of H-NOX Proteins
Colin Brown Eisen 2010 The Evolution of a Transcription Factor: Divergence in DNA Binding Behavior of the Sex-Determination Gene Hermaphrodite in the Genus Drosophila
David Wynne Dernburg 2010 The Role and Mechanism of Meiotic Chromosome Motion in C. Elegans
Deng Pan Luo 2010 SnoN is a Stress Transducer that is able to Function as a Tumor Supressor In Vivo by Interacting with the PML-p53 Pathway
Devon Jensen Schekman 2010 COPII Specificity and the Regulation of Anterograde Transport for Planar Cell Polarity Proteins in Neural Tube Development
Dina Weilhammer Sha 2010 Host Factor Regulation of Toxoplasma Gondii Growth and Differentiation
Elif Nur Firat Welch 2010 Dissecting the Mechanism of Arp2/3 Complex Activation by Actin Filament Binding and the Regulation and Function of JMY in Cells
Erika Danae Schulz Schlissel 2010 Gfi1b Negatively Regulates the V (D)J Recombinase
Geoffrey Horner Marqusee 2010 Investigating Protein Folding and Function by Manipulating Rare and Partially-Folded Conformations ID: 10354
Holly Morrison Bilder 2010 Epithelial Cell Polarity and Proliferation Control in Drosophila Melanogaster
Jack Dunkle Cate 2010 Structural Studies of the Elongation Cycle of Protein Synthesis and its Inhibition by Antibiotics
James Fraser Alber 2010 Beyond the Model and into the Map: A Protein Abstract
Jasmine McCammon Amacher 2010 Using Zinc Finger Nucleases for Targeted Genome Modification in the Zebrafish
Jessica Piel Levine 2010 Non-coding RNAs of the Bithorax Complex in the Developing Drosophila Embryo
Kyle Simonetta Kuriyan 2010 Structural Studies of the Mechanism of Clamp Loading by Clamp Loader Complexes
Leslie Stanton Weis 2010 Development of a Novel Assay to Monitor Nuclear Pore Complex in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Lillian Fritz-Laylin Cande 2010 The Genome and Cytoskeleton of Naegleria Gruberi, an Amoeboflagellate
Luke Chao Kuriyan 2010 Structural Studies of Calcium/Calmodulin Dependent Protein Kinase II Activation
Monika Abedin King 2010 Cadherin Evolution and the Origins of Animals
Nadine Jahchan Luo 2010 Role of SnoN in Normal Epithelial Function and Tumorgenesis
Nathaniel Fernhoff Marletta 2010 On the Molecular Mechanisms of Function and Dysfunction NO Signaling in Mammalian Physiology
Oliver Zill Rine 2010 Evolutionary Genetic Studies of Mating Type and Silencing in Saccharomyces
Peter Cameron Scott 2010 The Molecular Basis for Water Taste in Drosophila
Phung Gip Bertozzi 2010 Characterizing Glycans on Stem Cells for Discovery of Biomarkers and Biological Significance
Richard Lusk Eisen 2010 Models to Mechanisms: Leveraging Functional and Evolutionary Information to Describe Regulatory Sequences
Roberta Hannibal Patel 2010 Mesoderm Segmentation in the Amphipod Crustacean Parhyale Hawaiensis
Roshni Kasad Dernburg 2010 Characterizing Meiotic Mechanisms in C. Elegans
Ryan Klimczak Flannery/Schaffer 2010 Molecular Evolution of Adeno-associated Virus for Improved Retinal Gene Therapies
Sarah Windler Bilder 2010 Regulation of Cellular Signaling Pathways by Endocytosis and Protein Degradation
Sasha Langley Karpen 2010 The Role of Sequence, Gene Orientation, and Intergenic Distance in Chromatin Structure and Function
Shannon Demaria Ngai 2010 Role of the Broadly Expressed Olfactory Receptor OlfCc1 in Mediating Amino Acid Detection in Zebrafish
Stephanie Gline Weisblat 2010 Evolution and Development in Spiralia: Early Progeny of the Mesodermal Lineage in the Leech Helobdella sp. (Austin)
Susan Young King 2010 The Unicellular Ancestry of the Proto-oncogene Mye
Susheela Carroll Drubin 2010 Uptake of Toxin K28 and Early Endocytic Site Formation in S. Cerevisiae
Thomas Russell Werblin 2010 Neuronal Circuitry of the Local Edge Detector Retinal Ganglion Cell
Venice Chiueh Martin 2010 Oct3 and Sox2 Expression in Mammary Carcinoma Cells
Yvette Soignier Martin 2010 Oct3 and Sox2 Expression in Mammary Carcinoma Cells
Alejandro Sabogal Rio 2009 Structural Studies on the P-element Transposase of Drosophila Melanogaster
Allyn Schoeffler Berger 2009 Structural Specialization of Bacterial Type IIA Topoisomerases.
Andrea Wills Harland 2009 BMP Signaling and Antagonism in Xenopus Development.
Benjamin Freedman Heald 2009 Linker Histone Structure, Function, and Dynamics in Xenopus Egg Extracts and Embryos
Bilge Ozaydin Rine 2009 The Interplay Between the Replication Proteins and Silencing Proteins in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Bosun Min Collins 2009 Telomerase Holoenzyme Proteins and Processivity Subunit in Tetrahymena Thermophila
Brian Sullivan Coscoy 2009 Immune Modulation by Human Resoecoloviruses
Crystal Marconett Firestone 2009 Phytochemical Disruption of Hormone Receptor Expression and Intracellular Signaling in Human Reproductive Cancer Cells
Elizabeth Flynn Alber 2009 Structural and Functional Characterization of the Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Virulence Factor Protein Tyrosine Phosphase B (PtpB)
Giao Hang Dan 2009 Interactions of Synaptic Inputs from Multiple Cortical Pathways in the Visual Cortex
James McGann Harland 2009 Expression and Function of MicroRNAs during Xenopus Development
Jason Aoto Chen 2009 Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Excitatory Shaft-Synapse Formation and Homeostatic Synaptic Scaling
Jason Zemansky Portnoy 2009 Development of a Mariner Based Transposon and Identification of Listeria Monocytogenes Determinants, including the Peptidyl-prolyl Isomerase PrsA2, that contribute to its Hemolytic Phenotype
Jeffrey Halley Rine 2009 The Role of H2A.Z and H2A.Z Acetylation in Gene Regulation and Gene Expression in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Jennifer Thompson Winoto 2009 The Molecular Mechanism of Nur77/Nor-1 Induced Apoptosis of Thymocytes Undergoing Negative Selection
Jessica Cande Levine 2009 Evolution of Insect Dorsoventral Gene Networks
Jodi Gureasko Kuriyan 2009 Membrane-dependent Control of the Ras Activator Son of Sevenless
John Tran Schekman 2009 Mechanism of Multivesicular Body Formation
Joseph D'Alessio Tjian 2009 Core Promoter Recognition Complex Switching in Liver Development & Regeneration
Katherine Brown Amacher 2009 Molecular Mechanisms of Vertebrate Segmentation
Kathleen Kolstad Flannery 2009 Development and Assessment of Gene Therapies for Inherited Blinding Diseases
Leonid Teytelman Eisen 2009 Evolution of Silencers and Silenced DNA in Budding Yeasts
Lisa Prach Alber 2009 Diterpene Production in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Mansi Srivastava Rokhsar 2009 Early Animal Evolution: Insights from the Genomes and Embryos of Cnidarians, Placozoans and Sponges
Margaret Jow Meyer 2009 The Autosomal Component of the Primary Sex Determination Signal in C. Elegans
Mario Vargas-Vila Patel 2009 Single-Cell Laser Ablations and Dorsoventral Patterning in the Amphipod Parhyale Hawaiensis
Melanie Prasol Ngai 2009 Mechanisms of Neurogenesis and Adult Stem Cell Function in the Murine Olfactory Epithelium
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