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DATE                  No.            TOPIC (Lecturer)


Wed    Jan  21        1              DNA is the hereditary material (FW)              


Mon    Jan  26        2              DNA is a double helix. Replication & Mitosis  (FW)


Wed    Jan 28        3               Cloning of DNA . PCR  (FW)           


Mon    Feb 2          4              The Central Dogma     (FW)    


Wed    Feb 4          5              Translation and the Code; Mutations (FW)              


Mon    Feb 9          6              Chromosomes and Meiosis. Mendel. (FW)


Wed    Feb 11          7              Genotype and Phenotype (FW)


Mon    Feb 16                         President's Day Holiday


Wed    Feb 18           8              Polygenic characters; Regulation of            

                                               Gene expression(FW)


Mon    Feb 23           9              Gene Expression in Development and Phenotype

                                               Review  (FW)


Wed    Feb 25                        Midterm # 1 ( Lectures 1-9)  


Mon   Mar 2      10   notes   slides    Females and X-chromosome inactivation

Wed   Mar 4      11    notes   slides   The Y-chromosome, SRY and sex determination (GG)                           

Mon   Mar 9      12    notes   slides   Sex, genes and behavior

Wed   Mar 11     13   notes  slides  Parenity and the Y-chromosome

Mon   Mar 16     14   notes  slides   Foster paper  Mitochondria and History (GG)

Wed   Mar 18     15   notes  slides  Human Evolution (GG)

Mon   Mar 23-27                    Spring Break

Mon   Mar 30    16   notes  slides  Genetic diseases and testing (GG)

Wed   Apr  1     17   notes  slides        PGD, genetic counseling and eugenics (GG)

Mon   Apr  6     18   notes  Slides        Sequencing Genomes  Implications for Evolution and Development (HR)

Wed   Apr  8     19    Slides            Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell:  Knockouts: Cancer, Development and Behavior (HR)

Mon   Apr  13       Practice problems   with Answers  Midterm II ( Lectures 10-18)

Midterm Key

Wed   Apr 15      20  Slides   Notes  Genetically modified Organisms (GG)                                                               

Mon   Apr  20     21  Slides   Human Embryonic Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotent Cells, Cloning (HR)

Wed   Apr 22      22  Slides   Human ES Cells and clones. The Ethical Aspects (HR)

Mon   Apr 27      23  Slides   Somatic Mutations, Radiation, sunlight, chemicals, age and cancer (HR)

Wed   Apr 29      24  Slides   Mutations of Genes, Germline. Cancer Genes, Suppressor Genes (HR)

Mon   May 4       25  Slides   Genes and Birth Defects (HR)

Wed   May 6       26  Slides   RNAi, miRNA            

Mon   May 11     27  Slides   Viruses

Wed   May 13     Review Session Section III

      Concepts you should know

Practice problems  with answers

Fri     May 15                      Final.   Midterm 3  (Lectures 19-27) + Final ( lectures 1-27)