Ben Jackson

Ben Jackson
Class of 2016

What is your favorite class?
My favorite class at Berkeley so far has been MCB 132: The Biology of Human Cancer, taught by Profesors Bilder, Luo and He. MCB 132 provides a general overview of the molecular basis of cancer, and I found the class to be incredibly comprehensive and useful. I've always been interested in cancer research, and 132 helped demystify what to many people is an unknown disease and made it relatable to ongoing research and the development of new pharmaceutical therapies. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun and interesting elective to take!

How is MCB preparing me for my chosen career path?
Since I hope to pursue an MD/PhD, UC Berkeley's MCB department has been integral in exposing me to the research process and connecting me to exciting new topics in the MCB field. Research is an opportunity few students at other universities have, and the opportunity to supplement my education with the ground-breaking research going on at Cal is truly special. I currently work in the lab of Professor David Raulet - one of the MCB Department Co-Chairs - on cancer tumor immunosurveillance, which has been both an academically enriching and unique mentorship experience.

Who was your favorite professor?
While I've never taken a class with him, Professor Robert Beatty is one of the most welcoming and genuine professors I've met. I remember seeing him when I visited UC Berkeley as a high school senior during Cal day, and his enthusiasm convinced me to choose Cal and the MCB major. In my time here, I've spoken to him a number of times about both academic, career, and life advice, and his door is always open to students who just need someone to talk to.

In terms of professors I've had a class with, my favorite professor would be Professor Ellen Robey, who taught MCB 150 - Molecular Immunology. Aside from being an excellent lecturer, Professor Robey also was very accessible during office hours, willing to clarify concepts and go beyond the material to talk about her current research and new discoveries in immunology.