Albert Xu

Albert Xu
Class of 2017
Immunology & Pathogenesis

What is your favorite class?

My favorite class so far is MCB C100A - Biophysical Chemistry: Physical Principles and the Molecules of Life. It's cross-listed with the chemistry department and is co-taught by a team of 2 professors - one from the MCB department and one from the chemistry department. It's definitely not an easy class, as the chemistry portion of is very math intensive and requires a lot of motivation and hard work, but the course describes key concepts of biology from a very molecular and physical approach. You come out with a good thermodynamic and kinetic understanding of very important concepts and processes such as protein/DNA/RNA structure and enzyme/reaction kinetics.

How is MCB preparing me for my chosen career path?

The MCB Department's faculty and resources have prepared me for a future as a physician-scientist by providing world-class resources and research opportunities for me to develop the skills and experiences necessary to become successful in the future. The opportunity to work in the lab of leading researchers in the field of biology and actually contribute to advancements in the field is something that's offered at very few other institutions, at the undergraduate level. Cal's MCB department has been my first ever exposure to scientific research, and thanks to the very positive experience, I now intend to pursue it as a career in the future. 

Who was your favorite professor?

My favorite professor is my lab's PI - Dr. Kunxin Luo. She and the people in her lab brought me graciously into the world of biology research, and I greatly appreciate the leap of faith they took by taking me on, as well as the countless skills I've learned and honest advice I've received since I joined her lab as a freshman.