Study Abroad Programs

You Can Study Abroad!

A recent MCB alumna, Caitlin Sorensen, said the following about studying abroad in Denmark. 

"Study abroad has been helpful in so many aspects of my life- it helped me get a job!  When I studied abroad in Copenhagen, I was accepted to the Human Biology Program at the Pannum Institute, a leading biology program through The University of Copenhagen.  The 3rd year Cell Biology course that I took gave me my first exposure to world class equipment, techniques, and theories in cell biology and immunology.  In fact, it ended up counting as my MCB 150L requirement due to the large amount of lab work.  When I started applying to research positions, my experience at University of Copenhagen was a large determining factor in my acceptance to a UCSF immunology lab.  My class abroad required a great deal of independent project planning, group work, and PI interaction- all of which are instrumental to my Staff Research Associate position in the Pathology Department at UCSF.  Studying abroad in Denmark offered me a wealth of courses suitable for MCB, and even presented me with additional laboratory knowledge could not have received in a classroom setting at Cal."

Many students choose to spend a summer, one, or two semesters abroad during their undergraduate studies at Cal. MCB students have participated in study abroad programs in Australia, Costa Rica, Japan, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, England, Denmark, New Zealand, China, Chile, Brazil, and many other countries.

Lower division MCB requirements such as physics, chemistry, and biology can be satisfied through the UC Education Abroad Program. With your faculty advisor's approval, the MCB department may also accept up to two appropriate courses from abroad toward your MCB upper division major requirements. With careful early planning, it is possible to go abroad your sophomore, junior, or senior year and still graduate in eight or nine semesters.

Faculty advisors are happy to review UCEAP coursework for pre-approval before your departure to give you an idea of whether your courses are appropriate for the major, although you cannot receive official approval until you return to campus. Once you return to campus, bring your UCEAP course syllabus and exams to a faculty for approval. See a staff advisor for more information. 

There are a number of useful offices and websites on campus that can help you identify programs of interest to you and incorporate a study abroad experience into your academic plan.  

 Here are just two examples of ways in which students might schedule study abroad into their undergraduate program:

Sample GG&D Curriculum - Summer in Sussex, England

Year 1 at UCB Math 1A
Chemistry 1A/1AL 
Math 1B
Chemistry 3A/3AL
Summer abroad in Sussex Physics 8A and 8B equivalents
Year 2 at UCB     Chemistry 3B/3BL
Biology 1A
Biology 1B
Year 3 at UCB MCB 110 GGD Elective A/B
GGD Elective B
Year 4 at UCB MCB 140 MCB 140L

Sample CDB - Physiology Curriculum - Junior Year Abroad

Year 1 at UCB Math 1A
Chemistry 1A/1AL 
Math 1B
Chemistry 3A/3AL
Year 2 at UCB  Chemistry 3B/3BL
Biology 1A/1AL 
Biology 1B
MCB 102
Year 3 - Abroad      Breadth Course CDB Elective B
Year 4 at UCB Physics 8A
MCB 104
Physics 8B
MCB 133L
9th semester at UCB CDB Elective B
MCB 136