PAWS - Peer Advisor Walk-in Services

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Peer advisors are junior & senior MCB majors who volunteer their time to complement the UAO advising services by sharing their knowledge of and experience with lower division requirements and upper division classes, experience with student groups on campus, preparation for life beyond the B.A., and use of various campus resources.

During the semester, you can visit peer advisors in the MCB UAO (3060 VLSB) or via email or gchat (new!) at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (business hours only).



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Emphasis: Immunology & Pathogenisis

Minor: Chinese

Research: Cate Lab

Activities: Undergrad Biochemistry Journal Club, COOP

Post graduate plans: Graduate School

Spring 2014: MCB 150, MCB 150L, PH 252B, Stat 133, Chinese 158, PE 2

Classes completed: All lower division courses (Chem 4A/B), MCB C100A, MCB 110, MCB C114, MCB 140, PH 265, Chinese 10A/B, Chinese 100A, EALC 109, History 100AC  

Hey everyone! I'm a 4th year MCB, here and ready to answer your questions. My emphasis is immunology and I am planning to study virology in graduate school. Furthermore, I have a minor in Chinese and have studied abroad. In the future I hope to study the molecular biology of emerging diseases. If you have any questions regarding research, immunology, or studying abroad as an MCB, feel free to stop by. 加油! 


Emphasis: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research: Thorner Lab

Post graduate plans: Graduate School

Activities: Delta Delta Delta

Spring 2014: MCB 100B, MCB C148, CS 61A

Classes completed: all lower division requirements, MCB C100A, MCB C112

Hello! I'm Annie and I'm a third year MCB major with an emphasis in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Track 1. In the future I hope to get a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and teach at the university level. I have research experience at Berkeley and the University of Connecticut, so if you are interested in becoming involved in research, I would love to talk to you about it! I am also really involved in my Greek organization and can offer advice on balancing extracurriculars with the demanding MCB curriculum. Please feel free to stop by and talk to me about anything to do with MCB! 


Emphasis: Neurobiology

Research: Jagust Lab

Activities: HMAP FSI, WonderWorks

Post graduate plans: Medical School

Spring 2014: MCB 167, PH 163, Music 26AC

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 160, MCB 163, PH 116, PH C129, Psy 117

I am a 5th year transfer student majoring in Neuro and loving every second! I took a fairly unconventional route to Berkeley - starting at UCSB as a freshman, attending community college for 2 years, then finally becoming a Cal bear in Fall 2012 - and have good insight about adapting to Berkeley as a transfer. I am also preparing to apply to medical school, and plan to take a gap year after graduating in the Spring. I am thrilled to be a peer advisor this year because after my first year at Berkeley, I learned how very helpful they can be. So if you have any questions about how to navigate your major, your graduate school options, or just about life in general, I hope you'll come talk to a peer advisor. We're here to help!


Emphasis: Neurobiology

Research: Feldman Lab

Activities: The Daily Californian, Suitcase Clinic, Student Premed Advising Network (SPAN), Chemistry UGSI, Tang Center

Post graduate plans: Medical School

Spring 2014: MCB C160, MCB 165, MCB 167, PH 112, Educ 140AC, PE 3

Classes completed: All lower division rerequirements, MCB 102, PH 116, College Writing 105 , PH 116

Hi everyone! My name is Janice and I will be a 3rd year MCB Neurobiology major with a minor in Education. My ultimate goal is to attend medical school, but after coming to Cal I also realized that I loved teaching and mentoring students! I have past experiences in finding research with and without URAP, as well as getting involved in volunteer work and several organizations on campus. If you need any help scheduling out classes or trying to balance out a hefty schedule, especially if you're premed, I'll be more than happy to help! Hope to see you guys soon!


Emphasis: Biochemisty and Molecular Biology

Research: Doudna Lab

Activities: Research, Undergraduate Biochemistry Journal Club

Post graduate plans: Graduate School

Spring 2014: MCB 100B, Plantbi C114, Music 29

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB C100A, BioE 290D, IB 117

Hi everyone! I'm Kendall and I'm starting my third year as an MCB major. It took me a while to decide on biochemistry so I know how daunting the major decision process can be. Other than class, I can usually be found in the lab. Research is practically my life. So feel free to come talk to me about research, classes or any of the great opportunities on campus. 

Leland1460204 10201012814539192_1376300698_n

Emphasis: Infectious Disease

Minor: Global Poverty and Practice

Research: Liu lab

Activities: Berkeley Project, Volunteer at Oakland Children's Hospital

Post graduate plans: Medical School

Spring 2014: MCB 50, MCB 102, MCB C103, NSTX 10, PH 295

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, PH 150D

Hello! My name is Leland and I will be a 3rd year MCB Immuno T2 major this spring with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. My long term goals include a career in medicine. Academically, I'm interested in health policy and medical science. As a premed, I can give some useful information about helpful pre-health clubs and opportunities. I was a spring admit back in the day and can alleviate questions about scheduling/graduating on time. I currently volunteer with the student organization, Berkeley Project and in the Emergency Department at Children's Hospital Oakland. Also, I can give some advice on getting research through URAP/cold-emailing since I've done both. Finally, I'm still a student and can chat with you about anything from tough professors to how awesome that win our Golden Bears got in that football game last Saturday! Hope to see you soon!

Natashan kafai

Emphasis: Infectious Disease

Minor: Global Poverty and Practice

Research: Welch lab

Activities: Research/URAP, Organic chemistry UGSI, Theater for Charity, The Berkeley Forum

Post graduate plans: MD/PhD

Spring 2014: MCB 104, MCB C103, GPP 105, PH 116

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB 102, GPP 115, DS 100

Hi all and welcome to MCB! I'm a junior here at CAL and, it's safe to say, a huge MCB enthusiast. I am currently working in the Welch lab, and applied to the position through URAP, so feel free to ask me any questions regarding the program, how to go about finding research opportunities, and the research experience in general. I am looking to pursue a dual degree with a PhD in immunology after graduation, and also have experience with applications to various summer research internships, the study abroad process, and volunteer programs. I would love for the opportunity to share what I have learned and help with your planning and scheduling needs. The peer advisers are your resource, use us!



Emphasis: Infectious Disease

Double Major: Political Science

Research: King Lab

Activities: Society of Women in Science, Iranian Students' Cultural Organization, Prytanean Womens' Honor Society, Alta Bates ED Volunteer, Intern at Global Healing

Post graduate plans: MD/PhD

Spring 2014: MCB 150L, Plantbi C114, Pol Sci 112B, Pol Sci 149E, GWS 50AC

Classes completed:  All lower division requirements, MCB 102, MCB 104, MCB 143, MCB 150, Stat 2, Poly Sci 123H, Poly Sci 164A

Hello! My name is Parinaz, and I'm currently a fourth year double majoring in Political Science and MCB. This has given me the experience of trying to manage and complete two disparate majors in 4 years, so I'm happy to help anyone also interested in double majoring in different fields. I have also volunteered in the Bay Area and been involved in research on campus, so feel free to talk to me if you are interested in finding volunteer opportunities or research positions, as well as scholarships and grants to support your research. After Cal, I'm hoping to pursue my dual interests in clinical medicine and research, so I'm happy to talk about my experiences with the MCAT, medical school applications, ect. Outside of school, I enjoy skiing in Tahoe, traveling, and of course, eating my way through the Bay!


Emphasis: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research: Doudna Lab

Activities: Berkeley Scientific Journal, ASC Chemistry tutor

Post graduate plans: Medical/Graduate School

Spring 2014: MCB 137, Stat 2, MCB H196B

Classes completed: all lower division requirements, MCB 100A, MCB 110, MCB 140, Chem 135, Chem 270ABC, Psych 1, Psych 107, PH 112, PH 150D, Bio Eng 290D

Hello, my name is Prashant and I'm a senior MCB student. Please stop by the UAO if you have any questions regarding the different emphases, scheduling, research, or anything else related to MCB. I started research during my freshman year, and I also have past experience with research in industry. If you wish to chat about finding research opportunities during the school year or the summer, I would be more than happy to help you through the process of finding a lab. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, watching movies, and catching up on current events. I hope to see you in the office soon!



Emphasis: Genetics, Genomics & Development

Minor: German

Activities: Project RISHI, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology (Biodiversity Informatics) and Berkeley Scientific Journal

Post graduate plans: Work for 2 years and apply to Graduate Schools

Spring 2014: MCB 149, MCB 137, German 160D, Math 54 and UGBA 196

Classes completed: All lower division requirements, MCB C100A, MCB 110, MCB 140, MCB 140L, Chemistry 113, Stat 131A, German 100, German 101, German 103, German 160A

Hello! I'm a 4th year student majoring in MCB with an emphasis in GGD and minoring in German. After graduation, I hope to work for a year or two, before going to Graduate School and getting a degree in the area of biostatistics. I'm a transfer student myself, so if you are having a hard time choosing an emphasis, scheduling for classes, getting into a lab or if you need help with transition to Cal (which can definitely be a challenging transition for some!), please don't hesitate to reach out. After all, we are here to help you! So, I look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you may have. Or just drop by to say hi!


Emphasis: Genetics, Genomics, and Development

Research: Miller Lab

Activities: MCB 100A Peer Tutoring, URAP, Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, American Red Cross at Cal

Post graduate plans: Graduate School

Spring 2014: MCB 140L, MCB 141, MCB 149

Classes completed:  All lower division requirements, MCB C100A, MCB 110, MCB 132, MCB 140, Stats 131A, Stat 133, Classics 10A 

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel and I am in my fourth year as an MCB major at Cal. My interest in genetics took me to the Miller Lab, where I have been doing research for two years. My awesome experience with research led me to the GGD emphasis and I am now pursuing PhD programs in human genetics. In my free time I love to read and I never miss a Cal football game – Go Bears! If you have questions about scheduling, classes, research, or if you need to vent about stressful grad school applications with someone who shares your pain, don't hesitate to stop by!


Emphasis: Medical Biology and Physiology

Research: Gazzaley Lab at UCSF

Activities: Bio 1B UGSI

Post graduate plans: Work, then medical school

Spring 2014: MCB C103, MCB 104, Anthro 2AC, Music 20A

Classes completed:  All lower division requirements except Physics 8B, MCB 102, MCB 32/32L, MCB 61, MCB 64, PH 116 

Hello! My name is Yiwen, and I am currently a third year majoring in MCB with an emphasis in CDB Physiology. After graduation, i hope to work for about two years to get more experience before applying to medical schools. As far as future careers, I have came a long way and thought about different graduate school options for myself. If you have any doubts related to your path to your career or would like more option, come by the office if you have any questions.