NSF Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU):
Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley, from Molecules to Ecosystems


Participating Faculty

The following participating faculty members are from the Departments of Integrative Biology, Molecular & Cell Biology, Plant & Microbial Biology, and the Joint Genome Institute.

For further information follow the links to individual faculty members web sites or view the list of Individual Summer Research Projects.

Greg Barton
Diana Bautista
George Bentley
David Bilder
Tom Bruns
David Drubin
Marla Feller
Robert Fischer
Sara Hake
Iswar Hariharan
Richard Harland
Tyrone Hayes
Lin He
Rebecca Heald
Daniela Kaufer
Nicole King
Eileen Lacey
Michael Levine
David Lindberg
Nipam Patel
Nilabh Shastri
Russell Vance
David Weisblat
Matthew Welch

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